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Interview with model for Revealed - DeAnna Pierce

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I've got something fun to share with you! I recently had an "online" conversation with DeAnna Pierce who is the model on the cover of Revealed. I loved gaining some insights into the photo shoot and also into the world of graph design. I hope you will too! Enjoy!

Thanks for joining us, DeAnna, and welcome! How did you come to be the cover model for Revealed?
Actually, it’s kind of a fluke that I came to be the cover “model” for Revealed, because I’m not really a model at all. I am a graphic designer for a company called Brand Navigation and I specialize in book cover design. Although I did not personally design the cover art for Revealed, I do happen to know the designer, photographer, and publisher of Revealed. So, when it came time to photograph the cover, I was asked take part in the shoot because they all thought that I matched the character description well.

I was, of course, interested when I initially got the call… Steve Gardner, the photographer from Pixelworks Studios, has previously asked me to model for some of his other projects, so I knew that being part of Revealed would be a fun opportunity. In the past, I have had the chance to portray a variety of interesting characters such as a World War II pilot, a Cherokee Indian, a woman from the Civil War, a woman from the California Gold Rush era, a doctor from the early 1900s, and a several Biblical women, to name a few.

Can you tell us where the photo shoot took place and if anything exciting or interesting happened during the photo shoot of Revealed?
The photo shoot took place here in Sisters, Oregon. Sisters is a fun little tourist town that has an old west theme… all of the downtown buildings look as though they were taken directly out of the 1880s. The photographer was conveniently able to borrow a local business owner’s authentic antique covered wagon for the shoot.

I really wish that I had an exciting story about how we "braved the wilderness" in our covered wagon to capture the perfect photograph, but since the photo shoot took place in late December, we had to shoot indoors in the building that housed the covered wagon. The photographer, Steve Gardner is a genius when it comes to photographing a person in a studio and then digitally combining that photo with a beautiful landscape to make it appear as though the person were really standing in that particular setting. Steve brought in lots of equipment to get the lighting just right, and even created a contraption that held strands of tall grass upright around us so that so that we would blend seamlessly with the background.

Can you tell us anything special about the dress you’re wearing on the cover of Revealed?
Although I do know that the dress came from a vintage clothier, I'm not exactly sure who the dress previously belonged to. However, every time I put on a vintage dress like the one I wore for Revealed, I can't help but think of how a woman from that era might have been thinking and feeling. I always try to put myself in her shoes and imagine what her life was like, in hopes that those kinds of emotions will come out on the cover, so to speak.

The first thing I thought when I initially buttoned up the dress was, "Wow this fits really snug! ...I guess this way it'll force me to 'suck it in', stand tall, and have really nice posture!" The funny thing that happened was that I accidentally buttoned the dress up so that it was one button off. We got about half way through the shoot before we realized that the neckline and V-shaped embroidery on the front didn't align correctly. So, needless to say, we had to re-button the dress, and re-shoot...oops!

How long have you been modeling and what’s your favorite thing about it? And likewise, what’s your least favorite?
Oh, gosh... I think the first book cover that I was asked to model for was about five years ago. My favorite thing about it is getting to try on all of the unique costumes. And, my least favorite thing is that I get kind of bashful and embarrassed when people recognize me on book covers.

Do you know the other models on the other Fountain Creek Chronicles covers?
Yes. The young blonde woman on the cover of Rekindled is named Cheryl, and she works at a neighboring design firm here in Sisters. Cheryl is a great model—I've actually used her for one of the book covers I've designed.

Who is the man standing so mysteriously in the background of the cover of Revealed? Did you know him before the photo shoot?
The "mystery man" standing in the background is named Daniel. He's the youth pastor at a Church here in town. I met Daniel for the first time at the photo shoot, but I've known his wife, Kara, for several years now. Daniel's great sense of humor really livened up the shoot.

Before you arrived at the photo shoot for Revealed, were you familiar with the plotline of the book or the female character that you portray?
Before arriving at the photo shoot, I had been given very generalized information about the plotline and the character that I was to portray. The photographer basically described the scene and how to style my hair and makeup. Once I arrived at the photo shoot, I was given a more detailed explanation about the kind of emotions that my character would have been experiencing.

What modeling jobs are you currently working on?
No modeling jobs at the moment. However, I am currently working on "the other side of the camera" on a historical fiction series that I've been designing for Bethany House Publishers (the "Ladies of Liberty" series by Tracie Peterson).

Is there a ‘dream modeling job’ that you’d love to undertake someday?
Hmmmm.... My dream modeling job would be for a travel book on tropical destinations...that way I would have to go to a sunny beach somewhere and soak up the sun for a couple of weeks while on the job. Haha...just kidding! (Although, Hawaii does sound pretty good right now!)

Have you read Revealed?
I have not yet... but I would absolutely love to!

Thanks so much, DeAnna for sharing your experience with us! And just so everyone knows…a copy of Revealed is already on its way to DeAnna!


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  1. What a great interview! Very interesting look at one of the ways book covers come to be!

    And just want to say congrats on all the awards your books have garnered! Very exciting and I'm just thrilled for you, Tammy!


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