Friday, May 11, 2007

Quilting...a lost (and appreciated) art

A dear friend gave me a very special gift this week, something I'll cherish forever. She made me a 'Fountain Creek Chronicles' quilt... She sewed each of the covers in the series into the quilt itself...

I don't know about you but quilting's a skill that is waaaay beyond me. Sewing itself has been known to give me a migraine. I remember being so thankful when my kids outgrew Harvest Festivals/Halloween so I could stop sewing costumes! ;) Understanding that, this skill is something I greatly admire and appreciate.

As we start packing for our move from Colorado to Tennessee, you'd better believe this quilt is going with me, personally, all the way. Thank you, sweet Suzi, you wonderful woman, for this special gift, but even more for your friendship.

I've made many wonderful friends during our years here in Colorado which makes our leaving bittersweet. But what a wonderful thought to realize that these friendships don't end here. This is only the beginning!


  1. Hey Girl, it was so my pleasure to do this quilt for you! I can't wait until your next series is done so that I can do another one! I am going to miss you so very much, our lunches, our laughs, that words can NOT begin to describe (besides I get all choked up anyway) but there will be e-mails, blogs, texting, cell phones and occasional visits...and you are right... eventually, Heaven! And how I look forward to not ever having to say good-bye (or try to say it, anyway)someday. The people in Nineva (umm...Nashville) are going to be so very blessed when they get to know you.
    I love you. You are the best!

  2. Wow! I am not the quilting type either! My sister got all those genes! All the same I am very impressed by Suzi's talent and the friend you must be Tamera, to receive such a gift :)

    Blessings to you both!

  3. Thanks for your sweet words, Suz. Your friendship is a blessing!

    And thanks for stopping by, Rel. Believe me, that Suzi is one special woman! Good friends are truly a gift from God!

    Continued blessings,



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