Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Remembered Giveaway

Remembered, Book 3 in Fountain Creek Chronicles series, has officially shipped from Bethany House (as of 5/2) and is on its way to bookstores near you! The official release date is June 1st but it could take four to five weeks to actually hit the shelves.

Understanding that--

If you’re interested in receiving one of five “hot-off-the-press” copies of Remembered, please head over to my website and sign up!

Each one of the five winners (drawn at random) will also receive bottles of C.O. Bigelow's Lemon Lotion and Lemon Body Wash (the original formula created in 1870 and used by the heroine, Véronique Girard, in Remembered.) The bottles come situated on a cute little sled that can be used later as a Christmas ornament.

Thanks to everyone for your emails and letters anticipating this last book in Fountain Creek Chronicles. I appreciate the way you've embraced the characters and their stories!

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