Thursday, May 10, 2007

Someone defiled my Lions of Judah...again

Imagine my surprise when I stepped out this morning to discover that my "Lions of Judah" (as we termed the pair of stone lions that 'guard' our front door) had been defiled by a.....friend.

These lions have long been the object of attention (or ridicule) for some, and when the holidays start rolling around, I know they're in for some exciting transformations. Except this time, the 'defiling' came with a very sweet surprise--a copy of Remembered, Book 3 in Fountain Creek Chronicles which was purchased last night at Hastings. Which means it's most likely in stores near you! Or will be soon.

This was my first copy to see (which is always a special moment), so I'm sending my thanks out to Naila for her kind and generous spirit.

And for her ah....creativity! Yes, that's what we'll call it--creativity! ;)

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