Tuesday, May 8, 2007

TAG, You're it...

Deborah Raney tagged me yesterday to play Eight Random Things. So here are...


  1. I once served as a junior flight attendant on an overseas leg to Frankfurt, Germany on KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. (But when we landed my wings were clipped.)

  2. In the 7th grade, my classmates voted me Most Courteous. (I know, I know...hard to believe.)

  3. I was once part of a group who sang the National Anthem at a Colorado Rockies baseball game.

  4. I once toured Europe with seven other people in a Volkswagen Bug. Very cozy quarters!

  5. During Christmas holidays three years ago, my family piled up and watched all three Lord of the Rings (Extended Versions) in one day. Took about 13 hours. Oh my aching-- But oh how I love those movies!

  6. As a girl, I cataloged all my books and checked them out to friends and family. Then bought a new bike with the collected late fees. (Well, the first part's true...)

  7. I grew up in Atlanta and used to sneak into abandoned, boarded up antebellum homes at night with friends from the high school church youth group. (We were a real spiritual bunch.)

  8. I once accidentally killed a baby bunny when I was hugging him too tight (I was only five!). I'm fine now, after years of therapy. The sweet little bunny, however...

Here's who I've tagged to play next: Rachel Hauck, Sunni Jeffers, Sharon Dunn, Tricia Goyer, Stephanie Grace Whitson, Lisa Harris, and Debbie Vogts. Have fun!


  1. Hey Tammy,

    Great blog. I didn't realize you had one. Thanks for tagging me! LOL. Have a great day!

  2. Okay, I posted my 8 things!

    Remind me to keep my puppy away from your hugs!

  3. Hey Debbie, glad you stopped by! And Tricia, I only do that to baby bunnies. Your puppy is safe, babe! ;)


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