Friday, June 15, 2007

A Perfect Date

Tonight my husband and I took a walk up into the as-yet-to be-developed part of our neighborhood. Our builder had tipped me off to an "old graveyard" nestled somewhere in the trees up there. Turns out, it’s pre-Civil War! Not big, a couple of family plots but oh so beautiful. Leaning headstones, some fallen, but with names and dates still legible.

I’ve always loved graveyards and this one had a beautiful feel to it. But also so heartbreaking. Several children are buried there, most not having lived more than a few months at most. As we walked back home I kept imagining the mother who buried her children there, and then her husband. And who then died herself one month following to be buried next to her family. I'll be heading to the local historical society to research the family names and hopefully learn their histories. I happened to have my phone with me, so I'll download the pics and post them tomorrow. And the sunset was gorgeous!

A quick reminder -- the contest on my website officially ends this Sunday night! We extended it due to my recent move (and life going nuts!), so if you're interested in a free copy of Remembered, please check it out.

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