Friday, June 8, 2007

There's No Place Like Home...wherever that is

Well, we're here in Nashville. Finally...after many days and some very late nights of sorting and packing. We got rid of SO much stuff before leaving Colorado and yet we still have so much! We've been incredibly blessed in recent years and now have the wonderful opportunity to share with others (that's how I'm choosing to look at my apparent propensity for keeping everything under the sun!!). But no more. Now I'm throwing away everything I can! ;)

I'm currently sitting in our family room surrounded by boxes. It's raining outside (lovely, especially since we got so little rain in Colorado), and the house is relatively quiet as we're each working in our proverbial corners, getting things done.

Tennessee is gorgeous and I'm sure we're going to enjoy it here. As we trekked cross country on our move I couldn't help but remember that home isn't a place--however attached we may get to places or houses. Home is more who you're with. And since my husband and kids are here...I'm home! Again.

I'll be back next week with some special news about the Remembered Contest. Several of you have written asking about it. In the rush of packing and moving, I didn't get that done before we left. So sorry! But I week!!


  1. Carrie Turansky6/15/2007 8:13 PM

    Hi Tammy,

    Wow, you moved to Nashville! My good ACFW buddy Diane Moody lives there. She is the one who makes Allie bags...or used to make them. : ) I loved visiting her in Nashville. what a beautiful area of the country. Hope you enjoy your new home and can connect with writer friends there. I am enjoying your newest book!
    Blessings, Carrie T.

  2. Hey Carrie! I'm loving Nashville so far, but missing our dear friends back in CO. Understandable. Moving back here is like moving back home in a sense, since I was born and raised in Atlanta. Thanks for the kind words about Remembered. Blessings, friend.


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