Friday, September 14, 2007

Survey from Bethany House - something fun!

Here's a survey from Bethany House. Only takes a few minutes and your input would be so appreciated. It's not for my book, btw, but Tracie Peterson's. It's interesting to see how covers come together! Hope you enjoy!

Hello Reader,

We at Bethany House Publishers appreciate our readers opinions about the books we publish. Occasionally, we seek your input about upcoming products.

Currently, we are conducting a survey about the cover image for an upcoming novel. For your time, we are offering a giveaway in conjunction with this survey. You will be able to choose from ten recent Bethany House novels, and there will be ten winners. Winners will be notified within two weeks.

Click here to take the survey, which should take about 10 minutes to complete. Thank you for your participation, and feel free to forward this email on to your friends or link the survey on your website. The survey will be available through Monday, September 17.

You can use the following address to link to the survey:
(paste into your browser all on one line)

Thanks for your time and your opinions. We value your feedback.
Jim Hart
Internet Marketing Manager
Bethany House Publishers
NOTE: If the link takes you to the Bethany House home page, simply look in the upper right hand column of that webpage for this:
We'd like your opinion about
a cover for an upcoming novel.
and register to win!
And then click there! ;)


  1. I miss you a bunch! Was Beth Moore great? We (JCC) will be seeing her speaking in less than a week! BTW, you do NOT look any older from the pic you posted of you and your friend at her wedding. You, my friend, have found the fountain of youth!! Good golly, whatever you are doing, you should write about it and market it!
    Miss you mucho,

  2. Hey Suzi, I miss you too and wish we could do Egg & I, or Qdoba with Coldstone to follow! Beth was wonderful, so were Phyllis and Kay! And bless you for the "not looking older" comment. Your check is in the mail, babe! :)


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