Sunday, October 14, 2007

ACFW Online Course starts tomorrow

Deb Raney and I are teaching an online course for American Christian Fiction Writers entitled "Making the Most of Your Author/Editor Relationship," and it starts tomorrow. Here's a teaser:

From the moment you’re assigned an editor or editorial team, your most important publishing relationship begins. The success of your book may not ride solely on how well you and your editor work together, but that relationship certainly contributes in a BIG way to the finished product, as well as to your enjoyment of the process—not to mention future projects.

We were recently in a workshop together when the editor giving the presentation said (very nicely, of course) that life was too short to work with an author who was “a pain,” and that their publishing house would have to seriously consider whether to contract (or re-contract) an author who was difficult to work with. Ouch! But honestly, don't you agree? Who wants to work with someone who's a pain in the you-know-what? Life's too short.

And yet legitimate issues do arise from time to time. And when they do, how will you voice your concerns to your editor while maintaining a healthy relationship? What if you feel your cover design completely misses your target market? What if the editor who did your copy edits took liberties beyond the "normal bounds?" How do you communicate those concerns effectively, yet kindly, and in a way that strengthens the foundation of your working relationship?

This workshop blog will offer tried and true tips for making that collaboration with your editor the very best—and most successful—it can be! Plus we’ll also touch on the author/agent relationship when working with editors. There are times when it’s most effective to turn “the issue” over to your agent and let them act as mediator (and earn that 15%).

The lessons for the course will be posted on the ACFW Writers Online Course Loop October 15th – 26th. If you're not a member of ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers), please check out the membership advantages and join a dynamic network of writers who are dedicated to honing their writing craft from a Christian worldview.

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