Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Hallmark Movie - The Note

This is a post from Angela Hunt's blog. I wanted to make sure you see it!

If you haven't read her book, The Note, you might want to before seeing the movie. The book is wonderful and I'm hoping the movie will be the same!

October 8, 2007



Network Launches Internet Campaign to Bring Inspirational Words to Millions and Possibly Aid in Renewed Connections

The Note,” a Hallmark Channel Original Movie, Premieres Saturday, December 8 (9/8c) on the Network.

If you were asked to write a few heartfelt words to someone but only had a minute to do so, what would you say? Who would you reach out to? Would you express love, appreciation, regret? This is one of the central themes of the Hallmark Channel Original Movie “The Note.”

To exhibit the power a few words can have on the lives of others, Hallmark Channel is launching http://www.whatwouldyouwrite.com/ on Monday, October 22 as an outlet for viewers to submit their own notes.

The site’s first featured notes will be from the film’s stars, including Genie Francis (“General Hospital”) and Ted McGinley (“Hope & Faith”), and producer Joel Rice. In addition to serving as a forum for these inspirational words, Hallmark Channel is aiming to use the site as a catalyst for real-life reconciliations.

If a parent wishes to speak to an estranged child, a pro athlete wants to thank his high school coach or if someone needs to express their feeling to ‘the one that got away,’ Hallmark Channel will do its best to put their words in front of millions, hopeful that it will result in heartfelt reunions. “As an actor, you ask yourself what you hope an audience will take away from your role and your film,” Francis says. “Of course, ‘The Note’ is meant to entertain. But during the production of the movie, Ted (McGinley) and I have hoped that the WHAT WOULD YOU WRITE campaign might also have the power to reconcile people and differences, regardless of the rifts that may exist, or how long any bitterness has persisted.

It would be amazing to see an hour of “Oprah” dedicated to the goal of “The Note,” a true example of the healing power of love and forgiveness on display during the holiday season.”In “The Note,” Francis stars as Peyton MacGruder, a struggling newspaper columnist who suddenly finds herself in possession of a scrap of paper containing a hastily written but heartfelt message written by one of the passengers of an airliner that was about to crash to his child.

Inspired by the power of the words, Peyton pledges to discover the note’s intended recipient and deliver it by Christmas. Taking her readers along for the journey while trying to stay one step ahead of a TV tabloid reporter, Peyton sets out across the country in her search, and unexpectedly confronts her own personal demons in the process. The film is of particular importance to Rice, who turned to film production after several years as a licensed social worker. Although he appreciated the chance his work gave him to help people heal and grow, he regretted only being able to assist a limited number of people. He has since made it his life’s work to bring uplifting and inspiring films to as many people as possible, and has produced more than 20 made-for-television films. “The Note” proudly carries on that tradition.

“The Note,” a Hallmark Channel Original Movie premiering Saturday, December 8 (9/8c), stars “General Hospital” legend Genie Francis and Ted McGinley, best known for his work on “Married With Children” and “Hope & Faith.” The film is a co-production of Hallmark Channel and Lightworks Pictures in association with WildRice Productions. Joel S. Rice (“Shredderman Rules”) and William Spencer Riley are executive producers. Maura Dunbar is the executive in charge of production for Lightworks Pictures. Doug Barr (“To Be Fat Like Me”) is the director.

Paul W. Cooper wrote the screenplay based on the novel by Angela Hunt.

Click here to read more about this exciting venture.


  1. Wow! I can't wait to see this movie. I plan on reading the book before it airs. Thanks for passing it on to us busy, working moms. It's on my "to-do" list now!

  2. I owned that book at one point. I was talking with some girls the other day and one of them told me that it was out. I am pretty thrilled to see it. I just hope it will be almost like the book. they next to never do any way though.

  3. Hey Karen, there are some changes but I read the book and then saw the movie and enjoyed the movie very much! But I SO know what you're saying. ;)

    It's a great story!

  4. I just rented the movie last evening and it really touched me. It also helped me personally heal. All day I have been thinking about the note that I would leave. I am going to write it and tuck it away for now. Thank you! It was great!

  5. Watched The Note, was disappointed that there was not more faith in the show. The Pastor was really good, but after that she gave no consideration to God in all of life, it was a let down. I felt sorry about a good film being great!

  6. If there was more God in this movie, this would not have been able to reach the mass population. For those who believe in God, He was all over this movie. For those who don't, maybe they found Him.


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