Saturday, November 24, 2007

Cover of From A Distance

Here's a sneak peek at the preliminary cover of From A Distance, due out this spring, book 1 in Timber Ridge Reflections.

The model chosen to portray Elizabeth Westbrook (the heroine) didn't have the curls that my heroine does so...we went to the source of my inspiration for the "right" hair: my daughter.

My editor (also a photographer) photographed Kelsey's curls against a white screen (see below) and then the fabulous art department at Bethany House enhanced the original photo with them. Ah...the wonders of technology...

From A Distance is due out later this spring. We'll be giving away copies on my website. I'll be sure and give you a heads up.


  1. What a lovely cover! And I do love your daughter's curls! What I would have given to have be blessed with those :)

  2. A Beautiful cover! Wish it was that easy to put curls on my head! Ha! I can't wait to read the new book!!

    Great job!


  3. Your daughter has the type of beautiful curls that makes one want to touch them, especially if a young child has them, you know? Beautiful!

  4. Thanks all! And yes, I wish *I* had those curls. ;)

  5. I think they could have used your daughter for that cover shot!


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