Saturday, February 23, 2008

Okay, no doubt about it... I'm officially old

Even the receptionist at the oral surgeon's said so. "An eighteen or twenty year old should be healed and back on their feet in three to five days following the procedure," she said. "If you're in your later twenties, it may take a full week. But if you're old--"

Silence on her end of the phone. I'm halfway smiling, holding a hot water bottle to my jaw (my first hint that I truly am old).

She stuttered. "I--I mean...not if you're old, but when when you're your age's going to take a month to heal. Maybe even more."

I wasn't sure I'd heard correctly. "I'm sorry, but I thought you just said a month or more?"

"Yes, Mrs. Alexander. That's right."

"But I was expecting a week, maybe two weeks. But a month!?"

"A week is only if you're--younger. If you're...not [in other words, if you're old] then it's going to take a lot longer. And it's going to hurt more too."

Now she tells me. I shift the hot water bottle to the other jaw. "So when should I be able to open my mouth again?"

"In about a month."

Oh, this is rich. I force a laugh I'm not really feeling at the moment. "Well, next time I'd better read the fine print before surgery, huh? With my spectacles."

"Yes, ma'am. Or we could read it for you, if you want." And she's not even kidding!! ROFLOL!

Oh my... And this gal (and everyone else there) really was so sweet, especially after I got sick after the anesthesia (not pretty!). I'm SO glad this experience is behind me.

So, have any of you had your wisdom teeth the old age of 46!!! Sheesh! This all happened last Friday so this past week has been pretty much lost for me--a blur of pain meds and well, pain.

I'm better tonight and am sitting on the sofa reading a wonderful manuscript (that will be published in coming months) by Deborah Raney (my writing critique partner) and listening to Forrest Gump (playing on the TV) in the background. I love this movie. It has so many memorable lines. And emotions. Makes me thankful for friends and God's hand in our lives.

Speaking of, thanks for the emails and letters recently. What an encouragement! If I haven't written you back yet, I will. Right after the swelling goes down. ;)

Check back tomorrow for the latest in Christian Fiction, and for some giveaways this week!


  1. Not only are you you have less wisdom (teeth, that is!) LOL! Sorry you are hurting so bad. I lost my wisdom (teeth) back when I was in college, and it wasn't fun, and regardless of what the receptionist said (or implied) in my experience, it took me nearly a month to perhaps you aren't OLD as much as you are normal, and the receptionist was having a superiority complex. :) Miss you and love you much!
    Hugs and healing,

  2. I hope you feel better soon. I had mine cut out when I was 18. It took forever for my cheeks to be less puffy. I ate oatemeal for a week and I missed Thanksgiving dinner :( In the end it was okay I am glad they are gone. :)

  3. Oh Tamera, I'm sorry you are having a rough time, but I know you're glad it's behind you. Thankfully I had all four of mine out when I was in my early 20's, but it was still rough. Just rest and try to take it easy (and be careful so you don't get that horrible FLU too! I'm just getting over it..YUCK!!!). Blessings,
    Patti Moore

  4. Thanks for commiserating with me Suzi and Ami! I've decided I should've done this years ago. LOL. And am going to take my soon-to-be 19 year old son in immediately to have his wisdom teeth out! But don't tell him! ;)

    Patti, I sure hope you're better. My SIL had the flu a couple of weeks ago and it swept through her entire family. Ugh! Not fun!

    I'm getting better with each day. Just slower than I'd like. I failed to mention I also had a fifth tooth pulled at the same was an older root canal tooth that had a cyst that was abscessing. So I think that complicated matters.

    But again, I'm on the mend, thankfully with no infection, and am back to writing!

    Blessings on your weeks, friends!

  5. Hugs, Tamera! Having surgery at any age isn't much fun at all! I had my wisdom teeth out in my twenties as well, and I think it was quite a while before I was feeling myself again. (I did quite enjoy the milkshakes afterwards though :))

    May you heal swiftly and in the meantime, I hope you're enjoying what God has for you in this planned slow-down!

  6. There is one advantage of having your wisdom teeth taken out when you're older. No one would be stupid enough to call you "Chipmunk cheeks" afterward which is what they do when you have them taken out in the 7th grade. ha.
    Another blessing: you can eat lots of ice cream and still drop a few pounds!

  7. Well Tamera, you certainly do not LOOK old! I would have pegged you at least 10 years younger than you say you are. You are really gorgeous! Here's hoping you're feeling much better soon!

  8. Tamara,
    So sorry you are having to go through this! You sure gained a funny story out of it though!! (I'm almost 41, so I understood the humor!)

    Me,I did the wisdom teeth thing when I was 13 and it still took me a week to get over! Fever, swelling, pain the works. Not fun, but not as much trouble as I'm told wisdom teeth can become when left unattended!

    Feel better soon!!


  9. Hey friends, thanks for this encouragement. With the steady help of Advil and Tylenol (and potato soup), I'm getting better every day. :)

    And Cindy, your check is in the mail, babe! ;)


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