Sunday, February 17, 2008

What's new in my garden...

We've recently completed a "backyard project" (thanks to a wonderful rock mason named Jason and his talented crew), and I found the perfect little statuary, "Bookworms," at Costco to compliment a corner of the landscaping.

Here's a glimpse of the overall project. My husband made the swing deck and arbor, then we purchased the actual swing and the rest of the patio furniture from an Amish gentleman and his wife who live nearby. Makes me look forward to spring and warmer weather so we can use it more often.


  1. Hi Tamera,

    I'm sure you'll love everything about your new landscaping, especially the firepit. It all looks wonderful.

    We have one and use it as often as we can. On Fridays, when the weather is permitting and I'm not running the kids here and there, we have friends over. Sometimes we roast hotdogs or marshmallows, even just sit and drink coffee or a soda depending on the tempature.
    Everyone looks forward to sitting around the fire relaxing and visiting.



  2. Hey Faith, I think the fire pit is going to be our favorite addition--for the exact reasons you mentioned. Sitting around, relaxing and visiting. ;)


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