Friday, March 21, 2008

Destruction can be such fun...

This week, I bought another one of those "puppy dog" stuffed toys for Jack. I say another because he's been through a few of them now. But this time, he broke his own record in "loving it to death."

It started out friendly enough...squeaking the squeaker....

Then eight minutes later, this was the scene...

But he was so pleased with himself. And hey, he kept playing with the "de-stuffed corpse" so I was able to write in peace. ;)

For those of you with pets, what's your pet's favorite toy? And if you've got a picture of them with that favorite toy (however ripped and shredded), send it to me and I'll post the pics on a my blog in coming days.

I'd love to see your animals. Especially since I subject you to seeing mine!


  1. All I can say is that I am happy I don't have to clean that up.

  2. Hey Tamera!! Hope you all had a wonderful Easter! ~ I LOVE when you post pics of little Jack - - he's such a CUTIE! ~I'll try to send a photo of the four precious kittens recently born to a stray Calico on my front porch! (I told Deb Raney about them, since she had a similar situation last year!). Blessings, Patti Moore

  3. Very cute, Tamera! Thanks for sharing the fun! :)


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