Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Who's getting The Perfect Life?

Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway!

The winner of Robin Lee Hatcher's The Perfect Life is...


Bebemiqui, if you send us your snail mail address, we'll get your copy in the mail!

Be sure and check out Robin's blog, and here's a fun peek into Robin's writing world...

Robin, where do you get the ideas for your stories and what has been your greatest inspiration?
Ideas come from all kinds of places – from dreams, from bit of news on the television, from conversations overheard in restaurants. Sometimes I’m conscious of the exact moment an idea for a novel began. But for most my novels, the ideas seem to creep up on me. The Perfect Life was more the latter. One day I simply recognized I had the premise for a story rolling around in my head, then I began brainstorming the bigger picture and eventually the novel was born.

Some of my novels have come from deep personal experiences. Because God has walked me through dark places and brought me out on the other side, I want to share with others the grace He has shown me. Since I am a novelist, fiction is the main way I can do that. And naturally, the faith element of my novels comes out of my own faith experiences, from lessons God has taught me or is teaching me. Sometimes I’m looking for answers right along with the characters of my books, so writing is a form of discovery for me.

How does it make you feel to see your books, not only in print but on the shelves of stores?
I can honestly say it was every bit as exciting when I held
The Perfect Life, my 56th book, as it was when I held my very first novel (1984). Every novel is a story from my heart, and I pray that each one will bring readers both enjoyment and new understanding. To see it come to fruition is an amazing thing.

Do you have a favorite of all the books you have written so far? Why is it your favorite?
I don’t have one favorite book, but some of my books are special to me for different reasons. For instance, I love Ribbon of Years because my protagonist, Miriam, is the kind of Christian I hope to be at the end of my life.

I love The Shepherd’s Voice because God taught me that He can and will do amazing things with what I offer to Him, even when it is so imperfect. I love Beyond the Shadows because I long to let Christians who love alcoholics know that they are not alone and that there is always hope in Christ.

I love Catching Katie because Katie was such a fun character and the research was fascinating. I love The Forgiving Hour because God poured that story into my heart and many of the scenes came straight out of my own life (albeit the experiences came more than 25 years before I wrote the book). I love The Perfect Life because I understand Katherine’s perfectionist tendencies and her need to control the chaos. And I always love the next book I plan to write because there is still hope that it will completely fulfill the vision I have for it.

Tammy here again...in addition to The Perfect Life, The Forgiving Hour and Ribbon of Years are two of my all time favorite Robin Lee Hatcher books. Wonderful reads! Robin's not only a dear friend and mentor, she's also one of the most gifted writers around.

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