Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Interview Up!

If you have a minute, click over to Favorite Pastimes Blog where author Jill Eileen Smith posted an interview with me this week (and a pic of a my old "eighties" hair, as my precious daughter called it).

Here's a quick peek at our chat:

Q: With more than one book under your belt, Tamera, what lesson have you learned that you wished you’d known early on?

A: That writing is just flat hard. And it doesn’t get any easier. Each book is a bigger challenge. Now that I know that, it’s not so paralyzing anymore. It’s still hard, don’t get me wrong. But knowing what I’m up against helps some. I now expect those moments “mid book” when I panic and begin wondering—despairing sometimes—if I can really do this again. Then I pull my focus back to Jesus, fix my eyes on Him, and keep writing.

Q: What is your most humorous moment in publishing?

A: I’m not sure it’s my most humorous, but it’s a fun one that comes to mind. I was attending an ACFW Conference a few years back and was seated beside the lovely and oh so gracious Deborah Raney for a meal. It came time to pray, and I realized that Deb had apparently been sneaking bites of her dessert.
She had icing on her fingers and quickly slurped it off then reached out to hold my hand for the prayer. Ummm…gross!

I looked at her, and she got tickled. I started laughing too and just licked my fingers and grabbed her hand. We’ve been best buddies ever since! And carry sanitizing lotion in our purses.

To see the full interview (Parts 1 and 2), click here.

If Part II doesn't appear at the bottom, click here.


  1. Great interview, Tamera! (and I love that picture of you with the roses - - I think your hair looks pretty in that pic.) You gotta love these comments our college-age kids make! LOL!!
    Patti :)

  2. I just finished From A Distance. It was wonderful!! All the way to the last page. You did a great job. My daughter is in college in Franklin and I believe that Saturday I will doing a tour of Carter House and Carntion Plantation while I wait for my kids to get done with their doings for the day. Thank you for bringing this story to us. I visited the Mesa Verda about 25 years ago and fell in love with them. Very cool.

  3. Thanks, Patti! But my daughter still calls that the
    BIG hair look. ;)

    And boutcrazy, I SO HOPE you enjoyed your trip to Carnton Plantation and the Carter House. I'd love to hear your thoughts on those places. I love visiting the historical settings around here. It's like stepping back in time. I hope you got your daughter packed up and safely home from college for the summer too. So glad you enjoyed FAD. Thanks for those kind words!

    Connecting with readers through these stories is an unexpected blessing that I cherish! Many thanks!


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