Friday, September 5, 2008

National Readers' Choice Award

Look what arrived in the mail today!

THANK YOU to the Oklahoma Chapter of Romance Writers of America for choosing Remembered as their pick for the 2007 Inspirational Choice. This award is judged by readers and librarians, which makes it especially meaningful. 

Many thanks, OKRWA!

I've been quiet this week, I know. I'm working to finish up Beyond This Moment and have been spending all my time back in the Rocky Mountains (Maroon Bells), circa 1870, and I'm loving these characters. 

If you've read From a Distance, then you may remember Sheriff James McPherson. Oh, getting to know him better has been a pleasure. And Professor Molly Whitcomb has thrown him (and me!) several curves!

Characters are funny things. They're not "really real." I know that--on one level. But then they are so very real to me. I step into their world and I'm right there beside them, experiencing life through their eyes. They become friends. I learn from their experiences and find myself blessed through their journeys--and hope you will be, too.

If you'd like to see the newest cover of The Inheritance, check it out here, and find the story behind this Women of Faith novel that releases March 2009. The site you're linking to is the Writes of Passage Blog I share with historical authors Robin Lee Hatcher, Tracie Peterson, Kim Vogel Sawyer and Lori Copeland.

If I'm quiet over the next couple of weeks, that's because I'm working toward this deadline, teaching at ACFW's National Conference, and then traveling to Florida to appear on It's Time for Herman and Sharron. to it!


  1. Congratulations! That is quite an honor. :)

  2. Congratulations on the award, Tamera! Well-deserved, I'm sure! :) ~ Hopefully when it's time for your trip to Florida, there won't be any hurricanes lurking in the area. ~ Looking forward to meeting you at the ACFW conference soon! Hugs,
    Patti Jo Moore

  3. Tamera,

    I am so excited for this recognition pf your hard work and wonderful writing.

    Keep blessing the masses,

  4. Thanks, gals! Usually the third book in a series kind of languishes over in a corner all by itself. LOL! So this "attention" was unexpected, and I'm most grateful!


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