Friday, September 19, 2008

The Road of Lost Innocence

Born in Cambodia and orphaned at an early age, Somaly Mam, a Buddhist sex trade survivor, grew up never knowing her real name or birthday. As a teenager, Somaly Mam was sold into prostitution and spent years in the brothels of Cambodia where she witnessed and experienced the full-blown horrors of the human sex trade – rape, torture, and nearly unfathomable abuse.  After her eventual escape, she could not forget the young girls (some as young as 5) left behind in the brothels, and so she returned to serve them. 

Somaly Mam's new book, "The Road of Lost Innocence," is her newest means of advocacy. It tells her personal story, ultimately inviting people of conscious, such as our Christian community, to become involved (or to continue involvement) in this war against an epic evil, a modern battle for "the least of these." Truly, not only is this book worth reading, it's worth sharing. And I'm going to share my personal copy with one of you. 

I know this is a little different from what I've done before.  I normally give out "fresh new books." But I've found that reading a book that someone else has "marked in" is insightful to what they found moving, to what parts of the book really touched them, so I thought I'd pass my copy along. Then perhaps you can make your notes and then pass it along to someone else too, and let's keep the thread of hope going.

To enter to win a copy of this book:
Please leave a comment on this blog post, giving your name and saying you’d like to enter. Due to mailing costs, we only ship to U.S. addresses (sorry, international friends). Please leave a working email address or website where we can contact you (use this format with the brackets—you [at]—or something similar to prevent spamming). It’s the winner’s responsibility to check back and confirm whether they’ve won. Name of winners will be posted on this blog. We’ll choose one name on Friday, October 10. Also, you can always leave a comment and not enter (just note that in your comment).


  1. There's such a rave about this book. It must be a real eye-opener. I'm sure it struck a raw nerve with you after having written about a victim being forced into such a's my all time favorite book of yours.

    Please enter me in the contest! And thanks for sharing the book!

    ldneuhof at hotmail dot com

  2. Please enter me.

  3. This reminds me of what I'm working on now; I'd like to enter!

  4. Lisa, your name was drawn from the hat. Congrats!

    And thanks, all, for entering the giveaway!


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