Thursday, November 6, 2008

From Prague

I 'm sitting in our hotel room in Prague, looking out over this lovely city and am writing this morning. My husband's in a meeting and I'm feeling a bit (okay...a lot!) under the weather (cold and sore throat, ick) so am staying in for a while. We're here this week accompanying 19 MBA students from Belmont University, visiting Czech companies, learning from them and exchanging ideas.

This afternoon we're headed to the Prague Castle and will check out a bakery along the way that someone told us about. A "non-touristy" place off the the beaten path that's supposed to have wonderful strudel. Surely that will help this cold!

Thought I'd share some pics from our travels so far. The first four are from our first afternoon and evening here...

Prague Castle (in the distance)

Joe and me on the St. Charles Bridge (our first night in Prague)

In Old Town Square at night (we ate at this cafe the following day for lunch. Delicious food!)

Another view of Prague at night

Wednesday morning we started out visiting with company officials from Meiller Kipper, a Germany company operating in the Czech Republic manufacturing construction vehicles. Very interesting how they do business. 

Next, we went to Terezin and spent a very sobering afternoon touring a fortress originally built in 1780, that was later used as a concentration camp in WWII. 

The sign as you approach Terezin

A view of the 10,000+ graves of people (Jews and non-Jews) who died while at Terezin

"Work makes you free" (this phrase, a lie to people in the concentration camps, as you well know, is still on the wall at Terezin.)

Inside one of the barracks at Terezin

I'm familiar with the history of this area and of WWII, but I still can't comprehend how people could (and can) treat one another this way. And it's worldwide, throughout history. I think of current day Sudan, and of what's happening in the Congo, and I get a glimpse (again) of just who we are without Christ. And of how very much the world needs Him.


  1. You have taken some beautiful pictures and some heartbreaking ones.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  2. I hope you feel better soon!

    Our pastor and several others were able to go to Auschwitz a couple of years ago and the same phrase is above the gate there, too. The pictures and stories simply chill me to the bone.

  3. The concentration camp gate in Dachau, Germany says the exact same thing. I turned and took a picture of it, it is in the iron gate. What did you think of your visit? It is sombering.
    I hope you feel better quickly!

  4. Hey ladies, it was a great trip but yes, very sobering at times. You can't go there and not be changed. I'm grateful for the opportunity to go.


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