Thursday, November 6, 2008

More pics from Prague

I found cold meds today--thanks to a nice Czech woman behind the counter--and don't quite know what I'm taking (trusting soul that I am), but am feeling some better.

We visited the Prague Castle. Too much to see in one day so we're heading back tomorrow afternoon. Then we caught a concert in the Church of St. Nicholas on Old  Town Square (oh so beautiful!), then had ice cream (which helped about as much if not more than the meds), and did some shopping, and now are back in for the evening so I can write. Plus Joe has some work to do too, so we're enjoying a quiet evening and our lovely accommodations.

Here are a few pics from the day, and I'm heading to make major progress toward typing "The End" on this next book. Thank goodness!

Prague Castle

Shopping in Prague

Inside the Church of St. Nicholas, Old Town Square

Inside the Church of Saint Nicholas, Old Town Square

The Church of St. Nicholas, Old Town Square


  1. Thank you for sharing your lovely pictures. I look forward to being introduced to your new character that you met. Very exciting!
    Hope you get to feeling better soon!

  2. I would so love to shop where the buildings looked like those! Beautiful pictures!

  3. THANK YOU for sharing all these wonderful pictures (and the somber ones too...) AND I hope you are feeling much better by now. Bless your's bad enough to be sick when you're at home, but on a trip is terrible. :(
    I'm praying for a safe flight home for you all, and I'm sure little Jack will be THRILLED to see you!! :) Hugs, Patti Jo

  4. Hi Tamera~
    I just finished your book Rekindled....I loved it! I could not put it down....
    I also loved From A Distance. Your writing is amazing! Thank you for sharing your is an amazing way to minister.

    By the way........I know Deborah Vogts. She is the president of the Christian Writers group that I belong to. She is a very sweet special.

    I saw her picture on your blog......and today her name in your book. Don't think that has ever happened to me before!

    I love your pictures. My husband and I really love to travel......I love seeing beautiful pictures from all over!



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