Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tomorrow on your local Christian TV Station -- It's Time for Herman and Sharron

I'm back from Atlanta and what a fun trip it was! Jam-packed but very rewarding.

Real quick--if you get the Herman and Sharron Show (on your local Christian Station), the interview I did with them last month airs tomorrow. Check here for local time and listings.

Thursday's TV interview in Atlanta at WATC-TV with Kim and Sherry (pictured above) was a hoot (it's the Friends and Neighbors show)! Sherry's on the left and Kim's on the right. And silly me, I have no clue when the interview will air. I'll find out and post here. But we had such fun. What great women! Thanks for hosting me, Kim and Sherry.

Friday at GACS was non-stop but I loved every minute. Greater Atlanta Christian School, my former high school, will always hold a special place in my heart and it was great to walk those 30-year old paths again and see "forever" friends. Thanks to Jill and Margie and everyone else for making my day so enjoyable. 

The Q&A with the elementary students was a kick. Everything from "How much money to you make per book?" (I got creative on that answer as you might imagine), to "What's your favorite food?" to "What happens if you can't finish your book on time?" I would've sworn my editors were hiding in the gymnasium somewhere. :) 

Thanks also to Robin (Tabor) for hostessing me from place to place. But mainly for making me run across campus in heels in the drizzling rain. Only a true friend would do that. LOL! I looked like a drowned rat by the end of the day (as you'll see once I get pics back from the school photographer). And thanks to the Senior High girls for the gift! Very nice.

Time with my folks was also great. I really appreciate the chance to live closer to them at this juncture in life. I also got to catch up with Debbi Caldwell, another dear friend. Deb and I met when I was in high school and have kept in touch through the years. She's a doll! We had breakfast Saturday morning with my mom and caught up on each other's lives.

Here's a pic I snapped VERY carefully, I promise, as Jack as I headed to Atlanta on Thursday. It was a little foggy but oh the fall colors! Gorgeous drive from Nashville to Atlanta.

Here's a couple of Jack about midway through the trip. He turned out to be a good little traveler. Except for the "accident" he had on my mom's white carpet. Let's not go there... 

Got home late yesterday afternoon and last night our kids treated us to a night at the symphony (Joe's Bday present) where we saw The Wizard of Oz with "live" orchestra music played instead of the movie soundtrack. WHAT a kick! That's one of my favorite movies and to see it after so much traveling recently and being so thankful to be at home again...was a real treat.

More pics coming later during the week. But finally finish this next book!

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  1. Oh Tammy! I'm tired just reading what ALL you've been doing lately - - WHEW!! But it sounds like everything went well for you on your trip (except being out in the rain-yuk!). And little Jack is so adorable traveling in your car - - thanks for sharing those precious pics of him!! :) I hope you'll have some days at home now to "catch your breath"-LOL! Hugs, Patti Jo


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