Friday, January 30, 2009

Virtual Book Club Meeting

I recently had a wonderful "virtual" book club meeting with some great gals in Norcross, Georgia. And one of them--waving to you Judi Sparks!--I carpooled with in high school. She was a couple years older than me so had her license before me. Oh what fun we had then. I remember riding home from school on those warm Georgia afternoons singing "Our day will come..." Judi, do you remember that? I hadn't spoken to her since those days, so it was fun to reconnect.

They read Revealed and I joined them for the discussion. 

Back row, from left to right:  Diane Wright, Judi Sparks, Jean Jones, Janet Duke, Janice Wiley
Front row, from left to right:  Janice Stroud, Charlotte Huffstutter, Bobbie Christian

Thank you again, Janice, for inviting me to be a part of things. And thank you, ladies, for choosing Revealed as part of your club selections, and for all the laughs and giggles.

If your book club is reading one of my books and you're interested in having me "visit" via conference call (a virtual visit), please contact me through my website.

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