Monday, February 9, 2009

Atlanta, gallbladders and biscuits

"We are not responsible for the results of the gospel. We're not called to be successful. We're called to be faithful."

One of our pastors, Michael Easley, said this during his lesson this weekend, and it struck a chord in me. God calls us to be faithful to Him in carrying out the gospel "living and breathing" in us, but never does He call us to "be successful." He calls us to obey.

That's so freeing. Now, to clarify, this doesn't give us license to give any less than our best in whatever God calls us to do. Whatever ministry He's given us. But it does release us from worrying about "the outcome" of our efforts.

In the end, if I've poured my best into a novel, if I've been true to the story and characters that God gave me to write, then I've been faithful. And so have you. Whether it's cuddling your toddler close today, reading them a story, wiping baby bottoms, slogging through another Monday at work with a head cold, being that light of Christ to others around you... If you've given your best, if you've been obedient to what God has called you to do--no matter how great or small the task--you've been faithful.

And remember...some of the smallest tasks are often the greatest. Don't let the world tell you otherwise.

I'm out the door now. Headed for Atlanta. My mom (pictured here with me and my dad) had surgery on Friday in what was supposed to be a simple laparoscopy for removal of her
 gallbladder. But it was far more invasive than that and she's scheduled to be in the hospital all week. I'm going to take care of the sweet woman and am so grateful I'm able to help my dad do this. We always have such fun together. As the years pass, I cherish the time I have with them more and more.

If you'd say a prayer of healing for June, my mom, I'd appreciate it. And one for me too as I continue to write Within My Heart in the hospital by her bedside. She asked me, "Well what if I start talking too much and we get to laughing and you can't write?" I just told her I'd punch
 her little "medication button" until she goes to sleep. :) LOL!

I had a treat last week when author and friend Kim Vogel Sawyer (far right) came to Nashville with her friend Cathy. I met them at the Loveless Cafe for dinner and we had SUCH a fun time! We laughed and laughed while eating the famous biscuits served there, along with fried chicken. Does it get any better than good food and good friends?

One last thing--Beyond This Moment (a Timber Ridge Reflections novel) went to press last week! Woohoo! And The Inheritance (Women of Faith Fiction) releases this week! I sincerely hope you enjoy these next two journeys.

More later this week from the hospital bedside...


  1. Thank you for this update (and pics!) Tammy, and I am saying many prayers for your sweet Mom's total recovery. I know you realize how very blessed you are to have both your parents still with you, and I'm glad you're treasuring this time together. ~ Love the picture of you and Kim- - sounds like it was fun (and the food sounded yummy!). ~ Looking forward to those next books! Hugs, Patti Jo :)

  2. Hi Tammy,

    Prayers are going up for your sweet Mom! I know you already do, but truly cherish these times with your folks! My daddy passed away in 2007 and my mom has Alzheimer's. :( How I long for the old days with them!!

    Hugs, girlfriend!

  3. Patti Jo and Michelle, bless you both, and yes, I'm treasuring these days. Mom and I had such fun last night (through out the night as they awakened her to check on her every hour or so, it seemed). It's great mother-daughter time and has made for lots of giggles amidst the seriousness.

    She's doing very well, made lots of progress today. Hopefully she'll go home on Thursday, maybe Friday.

    Michelle, I'm praying for your sweet mom and the challenges you're facing right now. Bless you, friend.


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