Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What kind of brownie lover are you?

Do you like middles or edges? I'm an "edges" brownie gal myself. I always head for the corners first. Love that crunchy, thick edge. Delicious!

Well, Deb Raney (my writing critique partner) clued me in to this wonderful invention in the picture. It was made for "edgie brownies lovers" like me. Every brownie has that yummy crusty edge. This is my first time to use the pan today, and the brownies (notice how much of the mix was left in the bowl...ahem...comfort food to the max!) are baking right now. I'll share the finished results below.

As you may know if you've been following this blog, I've spent the past two weeks visiting my parents in Atlanta and just got back a couple of hours ago. We got some not so good news yesterday. We were hoping and praying that the surgery that my mom, June, underwent on the 19th (where they took 60% of her liver due to cancer that began in the cystic duct and gallbladder) would end up ridding her body of cancer. But that wasn't the case. 

The pathology report revealed that the cancer is also in the remaining portion of her liver. The biopsies they took on the day of the surgery that they thought were clean, upon further study, weren't. We brought mom home last night, which was wonderful! The staff at Emory were fabulous but after eleven days in the hospital, we were all ready to get home.  Mom and I piled up on the sofa last night and watched Dancing with the Stars. A total girl's night. She's very weak but will slowly regain her strength as her appetite returns and she starts eating again.

I'll head down to Atlanta again in two weeks to accompany them to the chemotherapy and radiation doctors, and we'll find out more then about this long road of healing ahead. Thanks again for your continued prayers. We serve and worship a great God. I loved the drive home today and really appreciated the "alone" time. I cried off and on the whole way, of course, and dialed my iPod to some favorite worship songs. I felt God's mercy the entire way.

Okay, my oven's beeping. Off to check my cornbread. Yes, cornbread. I took the brownies out a few minutes ago. I'm making every comfort food I can think of, LOL. Here's a peek at the finished product...YUM! 


  1. Yum, those look great! I'm an edges gal myself. I've seen that pan, but thought it looks like a pain to clean. You'll have to report back.

    Because of course I'm sure it will take a number of days to finish the brownies! Or not. LOL

    So sorry to hear the pathology report on your mom, but glad she's back home in her own environment.

  2. Hey Linda! The clean up's a breeze! I just washed it. But I didn't eat ALL the brownies myself. ;) I'm sending some to my kids at college. But oh they were good. With walnuts, no less.

  3. hehe this is soo funny!! how creative. must be one crazy edgebrownie lover to think of that. I personally love the very center oooey gooey ones. mmm...Also...Ghirardelli triple chocolate has to be THE BEST brownie mix ever :) Yum. gonna go buy some now.

  4. Oh my, that pan cracks me up! I love me some brownies but I'm not that crazy about the edges. LOL!

    Continuing to pray for your mom!

  5. Sarah, I so agree about the Ghirardelli triple chocolate brownies! Gotta love Costco for that alone!

    And Ruth, thanks for those prayers. You and I would share a pan of "regular" brownies with no problem. ;)

  6. Man, Tam!! Invite me over! I'll eat the cornbread and you can have the brownies! ; ) And Linda, I thought the same thing about the clean-up, but was willing to sacrifice because my husband LOVES the corner brownies. I can testify that it is a CINCH to clean up! One of those handled sponges (that holds dishwashing liquid in the handle) fits perfectly in the "grooves" and the pan is made of that non-stick material anyway. If you love corner brownies, you'll love everything about this pan. : )


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