Tuesday, April 14, 2009

There's nothing like "Face to Face"

I'm Atlanta bound this morning and am SO excited to see mom and dad again. I talk with them every day, especially recently, but there's nothing like that "face to face" time. 

The same is true for time with God.

Like you, I pray everywhere. Whenever I'm prompted. Whether I'm standing in the grocery line waiting to check out, or taking Jack for a walk, or pulling weeds in the backyard, or blazing down the highway with the praise music cranked up. And while all of those times of prayer are a privilege for which I'm eternally grateful, the "face to face" time with God is so precious.

And "face to face" time with God is what I've been getting in this Beth Moore study I'm currently doing, "A Woman's Heart, God's Dwelling Place."

In learning about the tabernacle and the Israelite's journey through the wilderness, I'm learning more and more about God. About how He works and how He views situations. SO differently from me. About how patient and loving and eternal-minded He is. SO different from me. 

And about His omnipresence--how He stands on both edges of eternity and spans the gap, able to see, with perfect clarity, every single "day" from before the beginning of time to well past the ten millionth year of our being home in the New Heaven and New Earth. 

Again, so different from me.

There have been times in this study when, after reading, I've simply closed my Bible and have bowed and wept over some new facet of God's beauty, or His goodness, or His mercy that's been revealed.

And in those quiet moments, in those "face to face" encounters when I can hear the tick of the grandfather clock throughout the house, I've come face to face with who I am, and with Who God is, and I'm amazed all over again that He could love me. That He would choose to pursue me. Like He loves you and chooses to pursue you.

If you've not done a Beth Moore study before, I'd encourage you to. And if the Spirit brings us to mind this week, I'd appreciate your prayers for my parents and me as we visit the chemo doctor on Thursday and then have a follow-up meeting with the surgeon on Friday. It's reassuring to know that God waits for us (face to face) in those future moments, as surely as He resides with us in this one.

And THANK YOU for all the song recommendations you offered me last week. I'm listening to them and thinking of you all as I drive today!


  1. I was fully expecting to be bored by all the tabernacle minute details, but I do believe A Woman's Heart may be my favorite Beth Moore study. And I've done almost all of them. They are all great, but this one blew me away.

    BTW, I just read The Inheritance - wow. You are so gifted. I love your books!

    Hoping & praying all goes well with your mom's appointments this week. So glad you get to have some time with your folks.

  2. LOL, Linda. Isn't this study fabulous? So moving, full of fascinating details and amazing foreshadowing of the New Covenant. It's all there. And the videos just tie everything together and are like celebrations of your weekly studies. Lovin' it!

    Thanks for those prayers. I'm in ATL and had a great trip. Visited with mom a while and now she's resting. So, I'm turning to write.

  3. I LOVE this study! I find the "glanced-over" readings in the Bible fascinating. This study is amazing! I still refer to it for my own personal Bible study (it stays right next to my concordance and manners and customs books). As far as those "face to face" encounters, I'm so there with you. It's unfathomable how much God loves us. And to think, that no matter how deep we delve into our love relationship with God, we'll never know it in it's fullest. The deepest depths for us are a like a poor reflection in a mirror. Oh, how I long for the day to know it in full.

    Holly Smith

  4. Bless you, Holly. So well said, and your words are so timely. I long for that day too.

  5. I've been reading through the Bible this year, and I not too long ago got finished with Leviticus (and Exodus prior to that). It was like reading it all over again, with fresh eyes (and spirit). Now, I have to find the bible study you are referring too. It would go so hand in hand with what the Lord opened my eyes to. Thanks for sharing! And, I second what Holly (above poster)wrote!

    I've been praying for your mom (didn't remember my google password, so I couldn't tell you. :-( ) Praying that God's hand will touch her, and use all the He will to heal her.

    Holly in CO


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