Wednesday, May 20, 2009

All Graduated

The Alexander house was hoppin' this past week. Between our daughter's college graduation and family and friends coming in, and parties and cooking and more travel yesterday, etc... life was a total blur. But it was a wonderful blur. Lots of sweet moments tucked away in memory (and some captured digitally). Here are just a few...

Our daughter after graduating from Belmont (our son is soon to follow, only two short years away). That's my sweet mom, June, tucked in between me and my family.

Something funny... 

When Kelsey got back to her seat after receiving her diploma, she took a peek at it and realized that the Belmont Mansion (an 1850s antebellum mansion around which Belmont University was built) is upside down. Permanently! So she has to get a new diploma cover.

My mom, June, and Kelsey (mom's appetite is returning, a great thing!, and we stuffed her full of food this weekend. Kelsey kept track of what she ate. ;)

My dad, Doug, and Kels (they're laughing because my dad opted to stand on a stair so he would be taller than Kels, for a change)

We had wonderful week together and are looking forward to a family vacation in the next couple of weeks. We weren't sure mom would be able to make the trip with her recent cancer diagnosis, but she's able, so it's full steam ahead for us all! More on that next week...

Now off to catch up on life. But you know, as behind as I am now on so many fronts (in addition to missing the Bethany House historical authors retreat last week), I wouldn't change a thing about the past few days. 

I'm so blessed with my family. Are we perfect? Oh, LOL, soooooo far from it (just ask my kids, on second thought...don't! They'll tell the truth!). But we love each other without end and are here for each other, no matter what. And most importantly, we're walking this road hand-in-hand with the Lord. 

And that's something for which I'll be eternally grateful.

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  1. Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your family with us, Tamera! I really enjoyed my visit.

    Blessings to you and yours,


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