Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Deb Raney's Spring Book Giveaway

Deborah Raney, a wonderfully gifted writer and (I'm honored to say) my writing critique partner, is having a giveaway on her blog--The Plot Thickens--a blog that showcases writers' gardens. 

Click here for details and to find out how you could win the books pictured above, all of which I've read. And I can say, you're in for a real treat!

I'm only that cute little turquoise turtle part of the package? ;)


  1. Tammy, thanks so much for helping get the word out about this giveaway! And sorry, but that little turtle stays right in my garden. ; ) We found him under the hot tub (which was really a cold tub) that we took out shortly after moving here to make room for our stone patio. Turtle––who is "verdigris," not turquoise as he appears in the photo, thank you very much ; ) ––has a little compartment for keys underneath, but it's rusted shut and there are no keys inside. He's useless, but we do like him, and hope the former homeowners don't miss him too much. ; )

  2. LOL, Deb. If you found "Mr. Verdigris" beneath the cold tub, I'm thinking the former homeowners either buried him there before leaving, or perhaps Mr. V went into hiding to escape having keys inserted into his "little compartment." Doesn't sound comfy...

  3. Enter me please!!!
    Thank you!!!!


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