Monday, May 25, 2009

Latest In Christian Fiction

So many to choose? 

Here are two websites that I hope will help with that wonderful but often frustrating dilemma. 

Latest in Christian Fiction is an extension of this blog where I list latest and upcoming releases, links for sample chapters and book trailers, and notes from authors. Sometimes there's even a giveaway or two, which is always fun! [A permanent link to Latest in Christian Fiction is in the right sidebar of this page.]

Then there's Chapter-a-Week, a yahoo group dedicated to delivering you just what it says, a chapter a week of an upcoming release straight to your Inbox. It's a "sample before you buy" opportunity, if you will. You can join that group by clicking here.

And speaking of newest releases, I just posted one by Linda Hall this morning--Shadows on the River

Check it out here.

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