Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Gathering the manna

As I'm studying about the Old Testament tabernacle, I'm seeing so many correlations to our Christian walk, which is as God intended it, I'm sure. We call that "foreshadowing" in a work of fiction--giving the reader a hint, a glimpse of what's coming down the road.

When the Israelites were wandering in the desert, God provided manna from Heaven, fresh and new, every morning (Exodus 16), just like the mercies He provides us, fresh and new, every day.

But one interesting thing...while God provided the Israelites sustenance, the Israelites had to leave their tents and go get it. They had to gather it. They had to act on God's free and abundant provision. Likewise, God's mercy is here for me and for you everyday, but we must "gather it" everyday.

It's like having a bottle of vitamins and setting them by your bathroom sink, and yet never taking them. They do you absolutely no good until you take them in to your body. It's the same with God's Word being taken into our hearts.

Everyday, we need to be into God's Word. It's powerful, life-changing, speaks to us in ways that defy human understanding, it can soften the hardest heart, it wounds in order to heal. It gives hope like nothing else, it's alive and breathing, it's God's message and answer for your life, and mine. But we only benefit from its power if we "gather it."

One last thing...take a look at what's coming this fall! 

An omnibus of Fountain Creek Chronicles. What's an FCC omnibus, you ask? I asked the same question when I heard. It'sRekindled, Revealed, and Remembered all in one hard back book. All 792 pages of it. You can either read it or use it to tone those biceps. ;)

Now I'm off to Panera Bread to gather my daily manna (both kinds) then to write for a while (with my earbuds, of course), then back home to do more writing. I need major words today!

P.S. I appreciate your continued prayers for my mom. She's struggling with nausea and headaches from the chemo, but her attitude is so positive. I love that woman so much and will be headed to ATL soon to be with her again.


  1. What a powerful and thought provoking message! Thank you for sharing it. I am so thankful for God's hand in my life, with His unfailing love and patience. And what a blessing it is to be "surrounded" by fellow believers (though it is just throug a blog:) and to know that they too are faithfully walking the straight and narrow.
    Thank you again for making this posting. I had already checked your blog this morning and wasn't going to return today, but Something seemed to make me want to stop. Now I know why.

    When I think of your mom, she will be in my prayers. God will sustain you.

  2. Osmosis doesn't work for spiritual growth, unfortunately. Great post.

    Beautiful book. I'm glad they're releasing it, but it's was a wee disappointing when I realized I'd already read it all! But how cool to have it all together!

  3. Have you ever considered naturopathic medicine for your mom? God's ways are truly the best. Also, try giving her baking soda, it will kill cancer. You are in my prayers.

  4. what a beautiful post. And that omnibus..how heavy! Love your books and appreciate you. Praying for you.


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