Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Guess who came for dinner

Last week I had a fun visitor stop by one evening. Karen Ball, author and editor, is also a dear friend. She was in town for work so she drove down to Franklin to have dinner with me. I actually cooked and everything. Will wonders never cease?

If you know Karen, you know she loves to laugh, and we did lots of that. She also loves animals--especially dogs--and proceeded to take picture after picture of Jack, who seemed to take it all in stride...

We had such a fun evening together, and I was reminded again of how blessed I've been with friends. Writing is a relatively "solitary" profession, mandating long hours alone and, for me anyway, that makes the time I spend with friends and family all that more special.

One of those special times is coming up as I head to Denver on July 7th for a writer's retreat followed by the International Christian Retail Show (looking forward to rooming with you, Robin and Sunni!). I'll not only see oodles of writing buddies while there, but I'm also going back to visit friends in Greeley (where we lived for seventeen years before moving to TN two years ago), and I can hardly wait!

While I love writing, I need my people time to fill me back up--and to give me fodder for more stories, of course. ;)

Please continue to remember my mom. I'm packing today, getting ready to head down to Atlanta. The past couple of days have been hard ones on Mom. She hasn't been able to eat or drink anything and, as often happens with chemo patients, she's ended up very dehydrated and was admitted to the hospital. I can't wait to be by her side. Hopefully she'll be released in a couple of days, then I'll be able to cook for her and hopefully tempt her with some food. That and just plain "love up" on her and Dad.

Me, my daughter Kelsey, and my mom on a recent cruise
(Mom doesn't even look sick, does she?)
She also said she'd love to go out to see a movie (something I'm always game for), so we'll try to do that too if she feels up to it. I so appreciate those prayers for her strength and healing.

Now, to hit the road with iPod in hand. I'm still enjoying all the praise songs you guys have shared with me recently and will be singing all the way to Atlanta.


  1. Hope this is just a minor bump in the road for your mom. I know she'll feel better the minute she sees her daughter's sweet face!

  2. Love that picture of you with your daughter & mom! You are right, she doesn't look sick at all. I pray you two will have a wonderful visit!

  3. Thanks Linda and Ruth! I'm here with mom in ATL. I spent last night with her in the hospital. She's eaten a little, not much, but at least we're headed in the right direction. She's drinking some now too, which is great.

    This morning we've looked at various pictures in iPhoto and have laughed a lot. It's so good to be here with her. Dad will be here later this afternoon to stay with her then I'll head back to their house for the night. Not sure when she's going to be released yet.

    Appreciate those prayers!

  4. I'm sure having you there with her will do a lot in getting her on the road to recovery! Praying for her and you. :)


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