Thursday, July 16, 2009

More pics from ICRS

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Walking the convention floor on Monday was fun--meeting booksellers, seeing some familiar faces among them, and catching up with writer buddies. (L to R: Danica Favorite, Cheryl Wyatt, Camy Tang, Robin Lee Hatcher, Sunni Jeffers (peeking from the back), Deborah Vogt, me, Amy Clipston)

At my booksigning on Monday (signing copies of Beyond This Moment)

From the Christy Award Dessert Reception on Saturday evening
(L to R: Joy Jordan-Lake, Lynn Austin, Tom Pawlik, Chris Fabry, Cathy Gohlke, me)

At my booksigning on Monday (signing copies of Beyond This Moment)
On the convention floor (L to R: Sunni Jeffers, me, Lori Copeland, and Robin Lee Hatcher)

Me with Zondervan author, Deborah Vogt, on the convention floor (Deborah signed copies of her first novel, Snow Melts in Spring, on Tuesday)

Me with my roomies Sunni Jeffers and Robin Lee Hatcher

The sparkly and wonderful author and editor Karen Ball

A group of writers who met for a mini-retreat before ICRS began

And lastly, the sweet Terri Blackstock and her even sweeter husband (if that's possible),Ken
And now, to write!


  1. Such fun pictures.

    Now hurry up and write another one! LOL

  2. As Cool Hand Luke said, "I'm shakin' it, boss. I'm shakin' it." :)

  3. Thanks for sharing more pics, Tammy! Sounds like a wonderful trip (and extra-exciting winning another Christy Award!!). ~ Whew! When I read about all your travels, it almost makes me tired, LOL! You must have LOTS of energy, sweet friend *grin*.
    Hugs, Patti Jo :)

  4. The travels are making me tired too, Patti Jo! :)


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