Tuesday, July 21, 2009

When you become an antique

I'm at mom and dad's house in Atlanta (mom's in the hospital again, more on that below), but as I was walking through the house this morning, opening blinds and grabbing my Diet DP, I saw a package on the dining room table addressed to me.

Sure enough, a friend had sent me something to this address. I opened it and what did I find...

Tammy cards!? From 1964!

Lisa Campbell, you sweet woman, thank you for these cards! Lisa and I went to high school together and also worked in a pharmacy back in high school together too. Had such fun times. She says in her note tucked inside with the cards (and I'm paraphrasing), "Saw these in an antique shop and thought of you. They look just like you! Sorry for the antique comment though."

I got so tickled standing there, but I kept thinking, Bless Lisa's heart, this doesn't look like me. And then...

Oh gracious... The truth sometimes hurts, doesn't it? I've got to find yet another hairstyle. LOL! Thanks, Lisa, you gave me such a sweet gift in these cards and in your friendship through the years. Not to mention a wonderful laugh that I needed.

As I said, I'm in Atlanta. Dad called late Sunday night and said mom wasn't doing well. I drove down to Atlanta yesterday, got here about noon, and sure enough, mom was fairly non-responsive. We got her to the hospital where they determined that she had a very high fever due to an infection (somewhere). Plus she was dehydrated and hadn't been eating much either. Possibility of pneumonia is also lingering.

Long story short, they gave her IV fluids and antibiotics in the infusion area of the oncologist's office then admitted her. She has another full body CT scan today and the doctor's hoping that scan will shed some light on what's going on internally. Mom ate a tiny bit last night so that was good to see her appetite returning, however small. She had her fourth round of chemo last Thursday, and this after entering the hospital on June 21 for 11 days. She's really been through it recently and we continue to appreciate your faithful prayers for healing and strength for her.

Now I'm off to the hospital...if I can get this antique of a body (and hair, apparently) in gear!


  1. Oh, I'm antiquing right along with you! That's too funny.

    Hope things improve quickly for your mom.

  2. Oh Tamera, those cards are so cute!! Love 'em!

    Sorry to hear about your mom's fever - thanks for the update so we all know how to pray. :) I hope I'm not overstepping, but have they looked into a possible bladder infection? My grandmother was in the hospital for a different issue, and ended up taking a major turn for the worse. After a misdiagnosis or two, they started treating her for a bladder infection and we saw a great turnaround.

  3. Oh, and I meant to add...my rude awakening was when American Girl came out with their latest HISTORICAL character: Julie, from 1974!! (I think she's 12 in 1974!)

    All their other historicals were from the 1700-1800's, WWI, WWII. But 1974?! Give me a break! LOL

  4. An American Girl "historical" character from 1974, Linda!? So funny... Welcome to being an antique! ;)

    And Ruth, you're not overstepping at all. Last time it WAS a bladder infection, actually, but this time they think (still waiting on the CT scan for conclusive answer) it's a biliary infection located around a drainage tube. Hopefully we'll know later today...

  5. Kelsey Alexander7/21/2009 8:38 PM

    I think '64 Tammy has a smaller mouth...

  6. Nope, hers is just closed, Kels. Which...when you think of it...does say a lot. :)

    ~Your loving mother


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