Thursday, July 9, 2009

Who says you can't go home again

Tuesday had me traveling from Nashville to Denver for an upcoming writers conference and ICRS, and for the past two days I've been in Greeley where we used to live for 17 years. I came into town early to visit dear friends and what fun it's been! Here are a few glimpses...

(Me with Paige and Mollie, Judy, Michelle, Suzi, Eileen and Casey, Naila, Darla, Cheryl and her REALLY tall sixteen-year-old son, Grant)

I love the lifelong friendships where you can pick right back up where you started, no matter how much time has passed. Where there's comfort in knowing that the person across the table knows you--really knows you--and loves you anyway, warts and all. Heaven's hope is sweeter knowing these dear friends will be there.

As I head to Denver early tomorrow morning (to meet you, Robin Lee Hatcher, at DIA...yay!), I'll be counting the treasure of friendship many times over, and am praying even now that you have these kinds of friendships in your life too.

And while you can "go home" again, in a sense, I'm already missing my family in Nashville and am reminded that home isn't so much a place it is people.

Much love, friends, and more pics next week from ICRS!


  1. Let me be one of the first readers to congratulate you on your Christy award!! Woohoo!! I've been watching the live blogging and yours was just announced!

  2. Hey Linda, and thanks so much! It was a fun evening and one I'll long remember.

  3. Sarah Gilmer7/20/2009 8:49 AM

    Hi Tamara! Congratulations on your award! I was supposed to fill you in on my twilight trip to Forks, WA a while back, but I've been so busy lately. It was truly an amazing trip, not so much for the Twilight part, but the whole Pacific Northwest as a whole. Where else can you visit the rainforest, the beach (that is beyond belief beautiful!) and the snow in one place? It was amazing! Tell your daughter, I was going to bring back Edward with me, but they were away oversees (so it said on the door of their 'supposed' house...haha.) Anyway, if you want to check out the pictures, I'm on facebook :) Talk to you soon!


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