Monday, August 3, 2009

Within My Heart - Coming Spring 2010

Many of you have written saying that you've pre-ordered Within My Heart (thank you!) and that you received a notice today saying that the book has been cancelled. Not so. The book's release has been delayed--from this fall to this coming spring.

For more information on the reason behind this change, click here to read the note I posted on my website today, or...simply keep reading.

Dear friends,

Many of you have written to inquire about the upcoming release of Within My Heart. Within My Heart was originally scheduled to release this fall, but due to family health issues it's taken longer for me to write this story than originally planned. While Rachel Boyd and Dr. Rand Brookston's story first captured my heart as I wrote From a Distance and Beyond This Moment, my recent weeks and months have been spent traveling to and from Atlanta to be with my parents as my precious mom battles metastatic gallbladder cancer.

My heartfelt thanks goes to my publisher for allowing me more time to finish Rachel and Rand's story, and my utmost gratitude goes to you, dear readers, for your enthusiasm over this story and for 'hanging with me' as I finish it.

Thank you also for your faithful prayers on behalf of my mother and my family as we walk this difficult road together--a road that is painfully familiar to many of you (as you've shared in your touching notes and emails). Bless you for the comfort and encouragement you've given me, to us.

I look forward to sharing yet another journey,
Within My Heart, with you this coming spring. I have no doubt that God chose this time in my life for me to write this particular book, as hard as that seems to me at times. Though I may not understand His ways, I trust Him with all my heart and will continue to lean on Him for understanding.

One last note--please watch for a brand new six-book series that will follow on the heels of Within My Heart next year. More on that series soon!

, (Aren't familiar with that word? Click on it to discover the meaning)

Timber Ridge Reflections Series

If you have a minute, check out my recent blog at Writes of Passage.


  1. I am very excited to see this book hit store shelves, but I completely understand and feel for you during this difficult time. I am pleased Bethany is being so kind and understanding- don't stress it will get done!

  2. Hey Casey! Thanks for your encouraging words and understanding. And for your excitement for this story. I'm loving Rachel and Rand and in seeing how things are unfolding for them.

    It's a journey for me, as I write, and I love it when the stories finally find their way onto the printed page. Reliving the stories through readers' eyes makes all the difference!

  3. Tamera,

    Thank you for your wonderful books! I have loved reading them, and look forward to more. My family has always had a love for books - my mother is a retired librarian, and my father was an english professor. He passed away three years ago - colangial carsinoma (cancer of the bile duct of the liver). We had four months beginning to end. We felt God every step of the way. The doctors said that my father never should have lived as long as he did, but God gave him the time that he needed to find Him. I know the hours in the hospital get long, I remember them well. They can be a blessing (even in the pain). I am so happy to know that my father is in heaven waiting for us. It made heaven an even sweeter place. I will pray for good health for your mother, and for good times together as you discover God's will in your lives. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself!

    God Bless! (igbok)

  4. Your post felt like a hug, Stacey! Thanks, friend, and I look forward to meeting your precious father when we get Home.


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