Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm adding an addendum to today's earlier post...

I asked God this morning to show my Dad His glorious presence, to remind Dad of Mom's love for him and of God's abiding presence in his life, and look what we found among the boxes in the garage...

This was written by Mom on the side of a box containing cards and letters that Dad sent to her throughout the years. Who knows when she wrote it, probably in 2007 when they moved from their former home to this one. So precious. And see what the other side said below...

Not sure if you can read it but it reads "Momentoes of Days Past, I love you, Douglas, always will! J.B." My mom's name was June, and Dad always called her "Junebug." ;)


  1. Sarah Gilmer10/20/2009 4:26 PM

    I love it when God chooses to answer our prayers right away. That's so special. Makes me teary!

  2. Wow! Thank you, God for answering our prayers!!! I am tearing up right now...this is so incredible!!!

  3. God has blessed you with an incrediable treasure. I know how much this is probably treausured. God knew when you would need it and He saved it for just such a time. How great is out God!!!!

  4. Oh, that is so sweet. Reminds me of my own parents.

    I love how God answered your prayer in such a personal, precious way.

    I found your blog through reading your books. I am thoroughly enjoying your writing.


  5. Hi Tam,
    Well, that is just the sweetest thing EVER - and so typical of my dear Aunt June. And precious, just like my dear Uncle Wayne.
    Hugs to all ~ Suzie


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