Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Have you ever received a card from a friend and just held it for a moment, staring at the love penned on the inside but also at the love that went into the making of that card.

A friend of mine recently made a trip to India and while she was there, God placed a dream--and a calling--on her heart. A calling to make a difference in the lives of the people she was caring for. Here's a snippet of that dream in Roxy's own words...

Selling my inspirational handmade greeting cards was motivated by my trip to India.  While working in the WINGS Orphanage in Ongole, I fell in love with the children and learned their life stories.  Many had no parents and some, like Adam in the picture above standing between his mother and me, are in the orphanage because their mothers are widows and cannot provide for their family.

I have a dream of turning my love for making handmade greeting cards into a business that will support these widows and one day provide a way for them to join me in this venture and be able to support themselves and their families.

In my store you will find my handmade greeting cards. A significant portion of the profits currently goes to benefit these women and their children.  It is my prayer these cards will give HOPE... Help Others Prosper Eternally.

Last week, my husband Joe, my Dad, and I had the pleasure of meeting our friends Kurt and Roxy Picker for a "working/dreaming" lunch, and Roxy shared her dream with us. I say it was a "working" lunch because my husband's field is marketing, and Kurt and Roxy were looking for some direction in what steps to take next. Little did we know, but God was already working behind the scenes!

Take a look at some of the cards Roxy makes (click pictures for larger view, then hit your "back" button on the browser to return):

My sweet Mom received soooo many cards (a lot of them from you, dear readers, thank you) before she passed, and those tangible reminders of your love and prayers made all the difference in her journey Home. We would read them aloud together then I'd place them where she could see them. When I was in Atlanta recently, I counted four large baskets overflowing with cards sent to Mom and Dad--several of them handcrafted by Roxy.  

I placed my order for an assortment of cards a few minutes ago and can't wait to get them and start using them. But even more, I'm excited about Roxy's dream of making a difference in the lives of widows in India, and of God using handcrafted cards to craft fresh hope and a more promising future for these women.   

Loving my rainy day in Nashville and curling up with my blanket to write...

(Pictured above: Me and Roxy following our dreaming lunch)


  1. Thanks for all the kind and encouraging words Tamara. You are so sweet to think of me and of others, just like your momma! I'll get your cards out quick!!

    In Christ,

  2. I had placed my order with Roxy before she left on that quick trip - for 40 cards, both Christmas and Encouragement, and she notified me a week ago they were ready - such quick service and such BEAUTIFUL cards. Now who on my list should get one of these "special" cards... hmmm. I am so blessed to have both of you touch my life!

  3. Roxy, I got my cards, lady, and am LOVING THEM!! So are the people I'm sending them to. Thanks again for your loving heart. I'm praying God blesses your ministry is a BIG way!

    Great on ordering those cards, Suellen! Enjoy! And I'm glad we're sharing this journey too!


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