Monday, May 3, 2010

Blogging on the run

I'm at my daughter's apartment right now borrowing her internet. Ours still hasn't been connected yet so I've been borrowing from Panera in recent days. I'm the gal in the white Expedition idling out front by the patio, holding her Mac at an odd angle trying to get a signal. Anyway, I'm on the run so will make this quick. A few things...

  • Guess you've heard about all the flooding in Nashville this weekend. We're so thankful we managed to get moved before all that started and that we experienced no flooding in our home. We have a tiny leak but it's nothing huge, and I'm calling the plumber tomorrow. A small thing in comparison to what others are dealing with. Appreciate your prayers for all those who lost their homes and loved ones.
  • My daughter introduced me to Sweet CeCe's this week. Oh. My. Goodness! Talk about fabulous froyo! If you have a Sweet CeCe's near you and haven't frequented it yet, get yourself over there right now. Delicious!

  • Finished final edits on Within My Heart (I honestly wondered if this day would come) and it's now with Helen, my copyeditor. Karen, my editor at Bethany House, deserves a medal for working with me on this one. She's really hung with me through these past months. Bless you, Karen. You're a saint. Watch the mail, dear friend.
Now, off to watch Dancing with the Stars with Kels! Then unpack a few more boxes...


  1. Glad everything's dry at your new house.

    Exciting to hear that Within My Heart is getting closer to being in my anxious little hands!

  2. Oh Tamera, I have been praying for you since I first heard of the flooding. I was actually praying for you and your family with my mom just last night actually. Thank the Good Lord that nothing happened to you, your family, or your home! It's crazy (Biblical really) the weather/natural disasters that have hit the whole earth as of late. My state, Rhode Island, just got hit some weeks back with historical record flooding, but praise Jesus, we and our home were spared! I and my family are continuing to pray for your state and for those who have been devastated by the floods, because even after the waters recede and the sun shines once again, these poor people have to rebuild their entire life. But, the Lord's hand is not shortened that it cannot save and His ear is not heavy that it cannot hear. ALL things, the wonderful and the terrible, are working together for our good and the glory of God. It is so comforting to stand upon the promises of God, and there's no safer place to be but in the Cleft of the rock, Amen!

    And, congrats on finishing "Within My Heart"- I have been dying for this book's release!! I'm sure it will be another Alexander masterpiece and worth the wait!!!

    Amanda Stanley

  3. Thanks for this update, Tammy! I'm so thankful you all weren't affected by all the flooding and that you were able to get moved before it began -- what a blessing! ~ So happy for you to finish the edits (you must feel as if a weight has been lifted off your shoulders, LOL). Continued prayers as you get settled in your new home, and also extra prayers for you as Mother's Day approaches... ~ Love, Patti Jo

  4. Yay! You did it! So thrilled for you. Now, take some time to enjoy that new house!


  5. Thanks, sweet friends! You gals are wonderful! I'm out running again (and yes, at Panera's for their internet). I'm enjoying a very brief respite between books and the chance to get some "nesting" done in this house.


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