Wednesday, September 22, 2010

All finches go to Heaven, right?

It was sad. I walked out onto the deck Monday and there lay a sweet little Golden Finch, dead. Apparently he/she (I didn't look that closely) flew into one of the deck windows. Keeping Jack at bay, I gently nudged the little guy to make sure it wasn't just temporarily stunned. That's happened before... 

A bird flew into my office window at our last house and I thought he was dead, only to nudge him and he shot straight up into the air. Scared me to death! I'm sure he didn't appreciate my being "up close and personal" either. But I digress…

I wrapped the sweet little finch in a paper towel, planning to bury him later, and laid him on the deck table. My cell phone rang so I ran inside, only to come back minutes later and the finch was gone! The paper towel was empty! I was so excited…until I saw Jack with the finch in his mouth, headed down the back stairs.

Needless to say, I quickly rescued the bird for a proper burial. It was my daughter on the phone and she would never have forgiven me if I'd merely "disposed" of said bird, so I set it up on the grill, safe from Jack's reach (though not his curiosity), which my daughter then said was equally as disturbing in its own right. 

But on the grill the little fella stayed…

Jack and his "almost" new best friend

Lastly, here's Jack later that afternoon, doing what he does best. All curled up and ready to dream…of Golden Finches, I'm sure.

Oh, and Hurley, the finch, named posthumously, will be buried in a private service this afternoon. Sorry, family only.

P.S. to Patti Jo asked for pictures of Jack. Here you go, lady! And watch your mail. A little something "smooth and velvety" is on its way. And, it's not a finch.  


  1. I am CRACKIN' UP! (ahem) but no disrespect for the demise of Hurley of course.
    And tell Jack that if Hurley's peeps (no pun intended) decide to make this into a case of manslaughter oh! I mean "bird slaughter" then I know a good lawyer.I mean with Jack's sweet innocent face how can anyone suspect "Fowl" play? Oh! Did I just say that! Signing off! LOL

  2. ROFLOL, Veronica! TOO funny. But really now, what did you have in your coffee this morning!

    Now off to my day. So guess you could say that...I ah...need to fly! ;)

  3. I was feeling sad about poor Hurley, then read these "punny" comments from you and Veronica and started laughing!! ~ It really is kind of you to bury the poor little bird...and I suppose if you have music at his burial service it would be a hymn like "I'll Fly Away" ?? (okay, I just couldn't resist...).~ LOVE the pics of little Jack!! Thank you for posting these Tammy--seeing pics of him always brings a smile--such a cutie! Especially love the one of him all curled up*smile*... ~ And I'm excited that something special will be arriving in my mail--a nice reprieve from hospital bills,LOL! ~ Have a wonderful day ~ Love, Patti Jo :)

  4. @Patti Jo,
    Just want you to know that I continue to pray for a speedy and complete recovery. If I lived closer to you I'd come over to visit and we could laugh some more!
    But instead just know that I am thinking of you! Have a great day!
    Oh! and the "I'll Fly away" comment... was hilarious. Why Patti Jo I do believe we are seeing the comedic side of you! I LOVE it! LOL
    Love, Veronica

  5. Ohhh, your dog is so cute! I want. lol (Actually, I'm looking at a Cairn Terrier as soon as God provides the way for me to get a dog. Meanwhile I try to thank him for looking after that for me and eye other people's dogs to decide if I want to change my mind or not. :D)

    I certainly HOPE those poor birds go to heaven! We have a lot smacking into our windows here too. Particularly the window near the bird feeder. We've figured out its probably the reflection in the glass, makes it look like there are trees and sky past the glass. But there's obviously not much we can *do* about that. But I always feel so bad for them when they hit.

    I'm glad to hear you're giving the poor thing a proper burial. They don't deserve such deaths.

    And now I have to go get a moth off the wall. Its sitting there waving its feelers at me while I type this and its giving me the creeps. lol

  6. @Veronica, I'm sure Tammy doesn't mind that we're using HER blog to communicate (do you Tammy?*pleading look*) ~ THANK YOU for your prayers, sweet Veronica. I truly believe that's why I'm healing as well as I am--because of ALL the prayers I've had from my wonderful friends and family. ~ Oh, how I wish we lived closer too--what FUN it would be to sit and visit with you, dear lady! Love, Patti Jo :)

  7. I'm thrilled we're all here, Patti Jo! The more the merrier! And Elentarien, there's no doubt in my mind that animals will be in Heaven. I won't be the least surprised to find that they'll be able to talk to us too. Imagine...

    Hope you're demothed by now. :)


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