Friday, September 17, 2010

Favorite Healthy Snack

I'm trying to eat a little healthier these days and wanted to share a current healthy snack I'm enjoying. Here's a pic:

Oh wait, nope. This is the veggie plate I had a Dotson's Cafe in downtown Franklin this week. Delicious! And can mostly count as vegetables except for the creamed corn and the cornbread muffins and the butter and the butter and sugar in the Sweet Potato Cassorole. But still...

Okay, here's the healthy snack...

Wait again. Nope...this was the homemade Banana Pudding, warm from the oven, that I enjoyed after the veggie lunch. If ever you're in historic downtown Franklin, run by Dotson's for a good home cooked meal. Dotson's and Puckett's are two local Franklin favorites.

Okay. Third time's a charm, right? Here's that healthy snack I've been enjoying lately...

Yogurt with Dry Roasted Edamame. Yum! And the Pineapple Upside Down Cake flavor (shown above) is a favorite!

So what's your healthy snack these days? Your leaner nutrition of choice?


  1. I've been trying to eat healthier lately. An apple and a little peanut butter is delicious.

  2. Carrots! Carrots, carrots, carrots all the way!! (just ask my friends at the Writer's Alley. :) But I do love a good, crisp apple.

  3. I love apples too. This last time I got Pink Ladies, and they were good but not great. ? What kind do you get, Deborah?

    I love carrots too, Casey! And celery, dipped in yogurt, of all things. Adds a sweetness to the crunch (and fiber). :)

  4. Red Delicious aren't exactly my favorite, but that's what I bought last week because they were the most inexpensive.

    I need to get back to walking, but I've been having some knee problems. But I've lost almost 5 lbs. with the Lord's strength & changing the way I eat most of the time. Still had a donut at work. I truly have a sweet tooth.

  5. Yep, my sweet tooth is my downfall too. I'm on Sugar Busters. Adopted more of a low glycemic lifestyle a few years back, along with exercise, and felt so much better. Lost weight too. So, I'm cutting back on the sweets. Lost 8 lbs so far. Going for another 8. And toning. Must tone.

  6. I LOVE baby carrots!! They're so sweet and crunchy - - YUM! ~ About 10 years ago (I was still teaching school then) I went overboard with the carrot thing, though...was eating so many each day that my skin actually turned a shade of orange. I didn't realize how bad my "carrot addiction" was until one day when a co-worker asked me if I'd done a clay project with my first-graders that day, because she noticed my hands were ORANGE!! LOL! ~ So, now I limit myself with the baby carrots, but do still enjoy them. ~ And since weight loss was mentioned, I'll add that after my surgeries a nurse weighed me (in the hospital) and I'd lost 17 pounds during the surgeries---but I DON'T recommend going that route to lose weight! *sigh* ~ Blessings, Patti Jo

  7. 17 lbs, Patti Jo! Oh my! Your poor body's been through the wringer, lady. Praying for your back to heal and that you'll regain your strength and then some! LOL at that carrot addiction. There are worse things, I know. But still, orange hands, LOL! Take care, friend.

  8. Apples and a good 'natural' peanut butter (with salt, sorry, but just mooshed peanuts doesn't quite cut it for me!) is one of my favourites, too. I also go for yogurt, and raw sunflower seeds (better if I could get shelled ones, as that'd at least keep me busy awhile, but those are so darned expensive nowdays I don't bother)I also found instructions on 'do-it-yourself' microwave popcorn, which I have taken to. Its so easy to make up a snack-sized batch. MOST of the time I don't even need to put anything on it. Although, its better if you do, of course.

    Personally while I TRY to eat healthy, and snack healthy, I'm a gonner if anyone brings junk food near me. Cookies, candy, pretzels. . .I can't say no to them if they're there. . .lol

  9. LOVE the do-it-yourself microwave popcorn tip, Elentarien. Wonderful! I love raw sunflower seeds too. And cashews, and almonds, and filberts, and....I've never met a nut I didn't like. Unfortunately. Good protein, yes. But gotta watch that fat content.

    My downfall? Sweets yes, but more specifically? Doughnuts, first and foremost. And second...those cellophane packages of double Hostess Creme-filled Chocolate Cupcakes. They're toxic in the nutrition sense, I know. But I love them.

    We drove by a Krispy Kreme store this morning on our way home from early church, and the "HOT" sign was lit up. In my mind I whispered, "Get behind me, Satan." And I was serious. I'm determined to get in better shape!

  10. Nuts are good too. Although they are expensive enough around here that I don't get them all that often. Usually as a small treat for something made for the family. Guess it helps keep from going overboard on them. :)

    I hear that Krispy Creams are hard to resist. . .lol I had the *chance* to try one and thought better of it. If I haven't tasted it, I can't crave it. 'Normal' doughnuts are bad enough. I have a bit of a problem with those too. Which I 'solve', by eating as many as I can at our family's annual (or semi-anual, depending on how things go and what we all want to do)doughnut making day. Usually sometime in October, after the weather's turned cold, and we are wanting/needing some of those heavier foods. We'll make a big batch of homemade doughnuts and eat our fill. Then not have them again all year. lol I mean, after that you don't really WANT them again for another year or two.

    But yeah, one thing I'm definitely trying to learn to do? If you see a new candy, snack, chip that you know is going to be unhealthy? Do NOT even try it. Don't stand there thinking that looks good. Don't wonder what it would taste like. If you don't start, you don't have to fight to stop. *grins*

    Another 'trick' is to tell yourself how much better it would taste if you baked it at home. Homebaked stuff is always so much better than the store bought. You don't have to mention the fact that its more effort and you probably *WON'T* bother. Just tell yourself you COULD make it better and it would be better for you, because you could cut back on the sugar, etc. And then if you never do, you're even that much better off.

    Tricking yourself? Bribing yourself? It seems to work better than denying yourself. You *COULD* have it and enjoy it, if you'd just make the effort to do it. The fact that you don't is part of the bonus, I think. I do it for getting up too early in the morning too. Have to get up 5 hours earlier than you normally do? Well you only have to go out for an hour or two. When you come back you can lay down and take a nap. Somehow that thought makes getting up a little more bearable. We just don't mention the fact that chances of laying down when you get back are really really tiny.

    I don't know why, but I find 'giving myself permission' to do something, if I only do this over here, works a lot better than saying 'ok, you can't do that anymore'. You know, on some level you probably won't follow through. But the fact that you *CAN* if you really really want to seems to help with all sorts of cravings. Its like as soon as you deny yourself, your body starts screaming for it louder than it ever has before. But if you have permission and just don't. . .eventually the craving goes away and you didn't even notice.

    Just a thought. :)


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