Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Free Kindle Book by Nancy Mosier

Fabulous book! Check it out here. And remember, you don't have to have a Kindle to get the free Kindle downloads. 

Here's a summary of Mozarts's Sister:
In the shadow of her famous sibling, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, older sister Nannerl was perhaps no less talented but devoid of the opportunities of the time because of her sex and a controlling parent. As told by Nannerl in the first person, a demanding father channels his love and energies into his young son. Although Nannerl performs, her father denies her a chance at fame—and perhaps more important, the lion's share of his attention and love.


  1. Wwoohoo! I haven't read that one and I love her books. And I just got the free Kindle app for my iPhone.

    (Can't imagine how it will be to read a book on my phone, but it should be easier than reading on my computer! I never have been able to get comfy doing that!

  2. You'll love it, Linda! I've read books on my phone as I've waited somewhere. As long as I have my glasses, I'm good! ;)


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