Monday, October 4, 2010

Free Terri Blackstock Book on Kindle

Terri Blackstock's recent book, Intervention, is now being offered FREE on Kindle for a limited time. It's a fabulous story, and I highly encourage you to take advantage of this promo. Once a certain number of downloads is reached, the offer will be removed. So make haste!

Here's a quick blurb on the book:
Prolific suspense author Blackstock (Double Minds) begins with every parent's nightmare: a drug-addicted teenage daughter is dragged to a rehab facility. When the interventionist is found dead and the teen is missing, mother Barbara Covington tries to find her daughter before police can arrest the girl for murder. Blackstock's many fans will be pleased, and this story will also speak to families dealing with addicted children.

Click to download.


  1. Oh, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I am headed there right now!!

  2. I snabbed it! Thank you so much for sharing that link. I wouldn't have known about it otherwise.

    Now. . .to figure out how to get it onto my Kobo so I can actually read it. :D

  3. So glad you got it, gals! Enjoy!!


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