Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Free Kindle Books

Here are some great books on Kindle that are currently available for download. Not sure how long they'll be offered for free, so click on over there if you're interested. (And the links I downloaded take you directly to the free Kindle download page.)

And remember, you don't have to have a Kindle to read Kindle books. Amazon has software available for your Mac or PC. Enjoy!

My daughter and I had a Girls Bake Out on Sunday and had such fun! See the fruits of our labors (a couple pictured below) at Writes of Passage.


  1. Wow - those desserts look amazing.

    I loved Perfect and Deceit. I'll have to look into getting Coffee Shop Conversations. I have Kindle for my iPhone and haven't decided what I think about it. It's an awfully small screen!

  2. I agree on the iPhone screen. It's okay for quick reads but I'd rather read on my laptop if I don't have my Kindle--or if some unnamed family member has nabbed it! ;)

  3. GORGEOUS goodies!! Wow! I'm so impressed. But why didn't you invite me over to help you eat them?? Are they all gone? If not, I'm on my way!

  4. Come on over! I'm puttin' on the coffee! Except we'll have to run down to Kelsey's office for the feast! She took it all to work.

  5. Okay, I want to make a coconut cake! Looks divine.

  6. Make one, Carolyne! Wait...do you guys have coconut in Canada? :)

  7. I have a coconut cake recipe from my Tennessee aunt that is divine. These look so good. Unfortunately, I never get to do desserts because my clan of 5 men actually do not prefer sweets...imagine this. Ha! Which keeps me safer....but seriously, cakes and pies go to waste at my house.

    I loved this post and have you ever thought of sharing some recipes? :)

    Thanks for all the Kindle free downloads. I love my new Kindle!

    By the way, my 92-year-old mother-in-law adores your books! I had to go get her large prints of your books because she has macular degeneration and is also going deaf so she can't hear her books on tape anymore, but she can still read the large print with a magnifying glass. You have become one of her favorites. Keep writing!

  8. Oh, wow. I gained five pounds just looking at those! :0

    Tamera, I'm making the rounds of book & author blogs, inviting people to visit my book blog, Cindy's Book Club. Right now it has very few readers.

    I posted a fun book quiz today:


  9. WOW! I'm really jealous about all of those goodies that you all made! Your Coconut Cake looks very similar to my mom's Coconut Cake. We made it on the Today Show a few years back and Matt Lauer called it the Driveway Coconut Cake because my mom cracks her coconut on the drive way...

  10. Crystal, bless you for sharing that with me about your MIL and for getting the books for her in large print. Please give her my love.

    I'm off to visit your site right now, Cindy! Sounds fabulous!

    And Megan, I LOVE that your mom was on the Today Show. Fun! And the driveway part made me smile! ;)


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