Friday, December 3, 2010

The spitting image...

I love it when I run across a picture of a guy who looks exactly as I've pictured one of the heroes in my books. That happened today when someone forwarded me a link to Love Western Romances where Within My Heart is nominated for the Best Western Romance of 2010.

If you have a second, click over there and tell me if you don't think the guy in the upper left hand corner is the spitting image of Dr. Rand Brookston, with his shirt off of course. Use your imagination now. <wink>

Thanks to Love Western Romances! I'm honored to have Within My Heart in this list. And casting a vote for your favorite book enters your name into a drawing for a $25 gift certificate to Barnes and Noble and a basket of goodies too! So cast away!


  1. Wow that man is nice looking!

    Such a deserved nomination...Within My Heart really is one of the best books I read all year. :)

  2. He IS a nice looking man. :) And thanks for the kind words, Amy!

  3. I loved reading Within My Heart! I enjoyed the connection with the others in the series. Is there another from Timber Ridge? I hope so~~

    The good looking guy on Love Western Novels is kind of what I pictured, except not quite sooo buff. He is a doctor and I imagined Dr. Brookston being a bit "softer" (?) with his good bedside manner.

    I now have read all of your books and wish there was another! When is your next book coming?

  4. Oh my! Dr. Brookston is certainly in excellent shape, isn't he?! *grin* I must admit, Tammy...that man really does look a lot like I'd visualized Rand as I read WMH! ~ Congratulations on being in that contest--and I made sure to place my vote (for a sweet red-haired lady who has an adorable dog named Jack *wink*). ~ Hugs, Patti Jo :)

  5. Thanks, Jenettew. And for now, that's all the books planned for Timber Ridge Reflections. But who knows... :)

    My next book is A LASTING IMPRESSION, which I'm writing right this moment, sitting all snug and warm in front of my fireplace. It'll be out late next summer or early fall. It's the first book in another three-part series.

    Thanks for your vote, Patti Jo. Hugs back at cha!

  6. Wowza! That is the face that I pictured. (A handsome one at that!);-) But I'm like CatMom and did not picture him looking quite like Mr. Universe.:-P But I do picture him nice and toned for a doc. I am hoping to get "Within My Heart" for Christmas.

  7. You have me laughing, Tamera!! :) I didn't exactly picture Rand quite like that, but I appreciate you sharing the view, anyway!! ;) Thank you especially for the chance to vote for your book...I am almost done with it now, purposefully trying to read it slowly...I hate when I don't have one of your books to read!! :( Can't wait for the next ones... God Bless!

  8. LOL, Gina, at "sharing the view." ;) Thanks for your vote and thanks for reading.

    P.S. I didn't picture Rand quite that way either. In my mind, he's not wearing the bandana. (ROFLOL, just kidding!)

  9. And Pam, I hope you get WMH for Christmas too, and that you'll enjoy it!

  10. He is a hunk- no doubt! However I've found that men who look like that on the outside usually have very little to offer from the inside. I have pictured Rand as being very good looking yet not reaching perfection. I did love the book and sure hope it wins! Your westerns are my favorites- my only complaint is that there aren't enough of them!

  11. I completely agree, Jana. Especially about Rand. I remember meeting two guys back in college. One was strikingly good looking, the other was nice looking enough but not in the same memorable way. After getting to know them, the first guy was no longer attractive in the least. While the second became far more handsome.

    Thanks, everyone, for having some fun with this! Now off to make a cold-brew latte and keep writing.

  12. Va Va Va VOOM! OH yeah... I can see Doctor Brookston looking like THAT! Whoo! okay...calm down (smile)
    Thanks for the tip about voting...I did!
    Hope you're enjoying your Christmas preparations. I'm sure your home looks lovely. No Authors' Christmas house tour this year?

  13. Tamara,
    I'll be looking forward to your new book next summer! Since I have read all of your books, and all the books from Tracie Peterson, Lynn Austin, Janette Oke, and almost all of Beverly Lewis, need to move on to another author. Do you have a couple of recommendations? I really love to read the historical fiction/romance 1800-1940 time frame. I especially like to read from Christian authors.

    Good luck on the vote! I made sure to check Within My Heart~~ Merry Christmas!


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