Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Fresh Start to a New Year

As I wrote in a recent post, I love fresh starts, so I'm welcoming this new year with open arms. 

And part of that "welcome" is reading through the Bible this year using the One Year Bible. I downloaded it to my Kindle, but you can download it and read it from your PC or Mac too. Or printed version, if that's your preference. 

It has sections from the Old and New Testaments, along with Psalms and Proverbs divided into daily readings. Very convenient. And I really appreciate the continuity of reading from the varied scriptures every day. 

I was delighted to read Francine Rivers' blog this morning and discover that she's using the One Year Bible this year too. She posted some very thoughtful remarks, when you have a moment.

If you don't have a reading schedule chosen yet for 2011, why not join me? It's my privilege to give away a copy of the One Year Bible to someone this week (their choice of printed or Kindle version). Just leave a post telling me you'd love to read through the One Year Bible, along with your email in this format (name[at]whatever[dot]com), and on Friday I'll draw one person's name from all who posted.

And don't forget, using Kindle software, you can download your FREE SAMPLE of the One Year Bible and get started today!

Blessings in this New Year, friends. And as I prayed this morning, may 2011 be a year of glorifying God's Name in ways we've not imagined before, and may He draw us closer as we draw near to Him through the power of His living, breathing, life-changing Word.

Praying for you...


  1. This a great idea! I hope you share some of your insights and thoughts from your readings throughout the year for all of us! I would love to follow along!


  2. This would be so useful on my Kindle...Thanks for the chance!

  3. Hey Tammy,
    This is not a posting to enter the drawing for the Bible. I'm just dropping you a note to let you know that I have not been on the Writer's blog lately because when I returned from vacation I found over 3 feet of water in my finished basement. While I was away the hot water heater broke and the water valve continued to run...Thank God I was able to get a flight back home on the scheduled day I had planned! What a shock I had after I safely made it through a snow blizzard! No heat in the house and when I went downstairs to check the along with other appliances were sitting in over 3 feet of water. So basically for the past week it has been a whirlwind of talking to my insurance people and the contracted "clean up" crew. Things are progressing so I will not complain God is so faithful to me and I know that He will continue to be! AS of Friday I have a new furnce and hot water heater, so praise God I was able to move back home. If I come across your mind, say a prayer for me!
    Happy new Year!

  4. Oh Veronica! What a hassle and a mess! And in a finished basement. I'm so sorry. What a way to start the new year too, huh? Bless you, friend. You're definitely on my mind and in my heart, and I'm praying.

  5. I would love to win a One Year Bible to get my year started off in the right direction! Please enter me in the drawing. Wishing you and your readers a blessed New year!

  6. I really like the NLT translation. Thanks for the opportunity to hold the book in my hand :)

  7. I would love the chance to win a printed One Year Bible, Tamera! Thanks for making the offer. I find that the older I get, the more regimen I need and this might just be what I need this year.
    Susan Snodgrass

  8. Would love to have this for my Kindle.


  9. Happy New Year, sweet Tammy!!! Just wanted to "stop by" and say hello and tell you I hope and pray 2011 will be a wonderful year for you and your family. (I don't need to be entered for the drawing, as I'm continuing on re-reading through my Bible to complete a goal I set for myself a while back!). ~ @Veronica.....Bless your heart, dear friend. I echo Tammy's words, and please know I am lifting you up in prayer too. ~ Hugs to you both, Patti Jo :)

  10. I just wanted to encourage you about reading through the Bible! I have done it twice and it's such a blessing! I used to have a one year Bible and it is definitely a great tool! My grandparents use a one year Bible to read it through every year. I think they've read it through at least 25 times together! Even if you get behind, just stick with it! It's worth it! Stacey

  11. Hey all, hope your New Year is off to a great start! And 25 times for your grandparents, Stacey!? That's amazing. I've read the Bible through a few times through my lifetime, but not that many!

    I'm loving how The One Year Bible is divided. And to see the parallels in Scripture, from old to new testament, is making the Word even richer!

    Blessings on everyone's day!

  12. I would love to read through the One Year Bible! Bama.GLori[at]gmail[dot]com

  13. I've heard many wonderful things about the One Year Bible, and I'd love to go through it on my new Kindle this year!


  14. One of my goals for this year is to read through the Bible. It would be so mufh easier to to this with the One Year Bible. Please enter me in the drawing.

  15. Dearest Tammmy, I would love to have a copy of the One Year Bible, while your books and letters have inspired me greatly, I have a great need to understand the Lord's word to help me thru the days ahead and bring me closer to Him, please enter me in your drawing,
    God bless you always, hugs and prayers, Marti W

  16. Would love to have this Bible to read through!!! Have read several versions through, but not this one. Thanks for the chance and for all your inspiring posts (and books!). Blessings~~~

  17. Yes, please enter me in the drawing for The Bible I would love to have it in the printed version.
    Linda Cacaci


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