Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Forbidden Texts and Kindle Freebies

My family spent a very exciting weekend in the hospital with our son. All is fine now, but things were a tad dicey for a while. Details here…

And a huge THANK YOU to Stacey Sanders Daniel for the heads up on some fabulous Kindle Freebies! Thanks, Stacey, for letting us know. I've already downloaded mine. And remember (broken record, I know…) you don't have to have a Kindle to enjoy Kindle Books. Simply download the Kindle software to your PC or MAC. And try before you buy too by downloading a SAMPLE, say of Within My Heart.
Here are the three Kindle Freebies Stacey put me onto…
(clicking on the covers should take you directly to the Kindle page)

Blood Ransom      A Time to Love (Quilts of Lancaster County Series #1)    Heart of Stone: A Novel

If you know of others, please share!


  1. Thanks for making me feel special this morning! ; ) I started Heart of Stone last night and it was hard to stop reading! I'm looking forward to the others, too! Glad your son is ok! Stacey

  2. Thanks, Linda. Us too! And Stacey, you're ALWAYS special, girl. Thanks again for sharing.


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