Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Texts with "tone"

My daughter forwarded me the following yesterday. It's from a website that lists texts between kids and their parents. [Click on the image to make it bigger, if needed, then hit your back arrow button to join us again.]

LOL! I loved the "Mom. Yes." Can't you just hear the tone in the kid's voice?  Here are a few more:

Mom, chill with the tacos. That sounds like some of the responses I get from my kids. : } I'm grateful for all the ways we have to communicate these days, but there are moments I wonder if we have so many ways to communicate quickly––getting the necessary information across––that we miss communicating well. Hmmm… Just food for thought.

I'm pushing, pushing, pushing toward THE END of this next book, while also working on some editing issues and incorporating some GREAT ideas from my editor who has read through about the first 90,000 words. This book keeps growing! Ack! But I'm loving the story and the characters. If only I wrote faster. But alas… That's not happening. Not yet anyway.

A few more for the road:

Busted! Here's the website but be forewarned, some of the texts are not exactly "appropriate."

If you have any funny texting stories or exchanges, please share!

Blessings on your Tuesday…


  1. Those are great! My daughter hates it when adults try to act like teenagers. She really hates it when I type LOL. She claims no one uses that but old people. Whatever!

    The pocket dial one was especially good. "It didn't sound like a library."

  2. This totally cracked me up and made me miss my daughter a LOT. ;)

  3. LOL, Linda. Love the "old people" comment.

    And Deb, be sure and let me know when that next grandbaby makes its appearance! Praying for your family as they await news!

  4. Thanks, Tammy, but I think you'll HEAR me screaming with joy all the way from Kansas! ; )


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