Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sleeping Dogs and Author Office Tours

Check out Rachel McRae's Author Office Tours! She caught me when my office was in total chaos, but oh well… It was deadline season!

Also, I posted at Writes of Passage today too. Sweet little Jack was dreaming last night as I was writing. Video here.


  1. That was the sweetest little video of your dog! Your voice is so calming...I'm sure that made him feel good : ). I also liked the post about your office. How fun! Your house looks beautiful. I must confess some jealousy over the fireplaces! We don't have one here at our house that we can actually build a fire in...plus it rarely gets cold enough! I'm sure that makes for some great writing ambiance. : )

  2. This is the first "real" fireplace we've had in years. And I'll admit to loving it. Don't even mind cleaning it. Just love the smell of the wood burning and the crackles and pops.

    And the only reason my voice was calming is because I was half asleep myself at the time. :)


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