Friday, April 1, 2011

Bald Eagles Being Hatched

A dear friend (waving to you, Gayle) just sent me this link that she heard about on KLove. It shows three bald eagles about to be hatched. If you're at your computer today, you might want to keep this browser open so you can watch. (Just click and you can watch live. You have to watch a brief 30 second commercial, then you're live on Mama Eagle and soon-to-be chicks). And notice the Papa who keeps flying in on occasion.

Here's the summary from the site:
Three baby bald eagles are about to hatch, live on the web. The Raptor Resource Project in Iowa has set up two cameras perched 80 feet high in a cottonwood tree where the mother eagle has her nest. The group will provide live streaming of the nest through all three eggs hatching. The group says at such high resolution, viewers should be able to see cracks forming in the eggs before they hatch. The eggs are expected to hatch between March 30 and April 1.

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