Friday, April 27, 2012

Winner of After All by Deborah Raney

Here's a quick video announcing the winner of AFTER ALL! Thanks to everyone for leaving a comment last week.

SO appreciate you, friends, and glad we're on this journey together.

Blessings on your weekend!


  1. congrats to Brenda... that didn't leave your last name.. :) Loved the drum roll..

  2. Cute video. Congrats to the other Brenda...I did leave my last name! Lol

  3. You are too funny! Please don't quit writing the books to start modeling for the covers! :-)

    Love how your nose becomes the play button arrow for the video!

    Congrats to the Brenda that won. I can be truly happy since my book finally came Tuesday and I read it Wednesday. You are right - it was superb!

  4. Congrats Brenda! I hope you enjoy it! Tammy, have you had a hair cut or do something different? It looks great! :-)

  5. ROFLOL! This whole giveaway was worth it just for this video! Love you, you silly woman. You sure know how to make EVERYTHING more fun!

    And warm congrats to Brenda without the last name. ;)


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