Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"A Library Builder"

Hey friends! I've been cleaning my bookshelves again and am ready to share! But instead of giving away the books piecemeal this time, I've decided to do something a little different. I want to give them away to a church library (or similar) or a book club so that they'll be shared among a group.

Here's the stash...

Alas, the basket itself isn't included. But all the books are!

Click the pic to make it larger; plus some pics from different angles follow below.

You'll see books from Deeanne Gist, Julie Klassen, Karen Witemeyer, Lena Nelson Dooley, Maggie Brendan, Elizabeth Camden, Wanda Brunstetter, Mary Connealy, Deborah Vogts, and many more! These are all personal copies so they're gently read. But I never EVER fold page corners, so not to worry. : )

So, are you ready?

All you have to do to be entered into the drawing is leave a comment on this post by 6PM Central on Sunday, August 26th telling me a little about your church library (or similar) or your book club––your group's name (if it has one), how you got started, how long you've been together, where you're located, your favorite read of all time, and how many are in your group! 

Please feel free to let your reading pals or other members of your book club (or library) know about the giveaway. The more the merrier! Only one entry per individual is allowed, but as many individuals in your group can sign up as they want! Duplicates names will be deleted before the random drawing.

The winner will be announced on THIS BLOG on Monday, August 27th when I'll be sharing something else really fun with you! Something related to my upcoming release, To Whisper Her Name, that hits bookselves on October 23rd. 

And due to postage costs (sorry, International and Canadian friends), this giveaway is only open to U.S. mailing addresses.

Grateful for y'all!


  1. I organized "The Sharing Shelf" at our church. All of us ladies at Cloverdale Church of Christ in Searcy, AR discovered we were all swapping books. So our Ladies Ministry Leader and I found a cabinet with shelves where we began taking donations for our favorite reads. I log the books and anyone can check them out and return them when they are finished, so someone else can read. We are beginning to get quite a collection and even some of the teens are using the Sharing Shelf! We have about 50 ladies who use it and we are always looking for more books to add. I'd say our favorite reads are Karen Kingsbury Redemption series as those are the most popular to be checked out. Thank you do much for the opportunity to possibly receive your collection Tamera! What a great idea for ways to send books on to others!

  2. Our church library was where I first discovered your books! Right now we're in the middle of building a new children's building so our church library building was sold and the library had to be relocated. It's now a little cubby in one of the church offices, but I'd love to see it back when the children's building is finished! This would be a great addition!
    I'm still looking out for your book signing info. I'm hoping that I'll still be able to come and we could go Belle Meade touring together ; ).
    Blessings,friend ~Stacey

  3. Nicole and Stacey, thanks so much for sharing. And for your giving hearts! Wonderful to hear your stories!

  4. Over the years, I have won books and then donated them to our church library called the Resource Center. It's not a big space in our building but it's open during the week staffed by volunteers. Individuals and other churches from the community and surrounding area are also able to come in and check things out whether it be fiction, DVD's, non-fiction or Bible Study materials. They have even now started a small resource center at the local women's state prison so that those women can also be blessed by reading books from a Christian perspective! What a blessing these materials could be to them as well!

  5. What a lovely idea! Our book club at the Henderson church of Christ in Henderson, TN, is called Literary Ladies. We started because we were all swapping the same books (and still do) and wanted a chance to talk about them. We still swap books ALL the time and love reading whatever comes our way! We would LOVE to share these with our book club of all ages! Thank you so much! We are all ready for Whisper Her Name to come out and to have a chance to see you again!

  6. Wow, what a great way of sharing your wonderful stories! So normally, I would appeal to you by telling you that I started my church library over 12 years ago. I would tell you that the ladies just love the books of yours that we have, and how nice it would be to have a whole collection. But I can't do that this time. See, here's what I have to say. I am leading a Mission Trip to Guyana, South America next March in a partnership with my church (Middleburg First Baptist Church) and International Celebration Organization. As part of this Mission Trip, we will be building libraries for the villages that we visit and stocking them with wonderful Christian books, like yours. We are asking everyone that can donate books for this trip to send them to our church so that we can ship them down. What a great way to share your books, not only to stock the shelves of a new library, but to also help spread the gospel into a whole other country!

    librarybooks at religious dot com

  7. Good Morning Tamera,

    We have a book sharing club at my church (Glad Tidings Church) where we share books with 4-5 other ladies. The ladies will write their initials inside the front cover, so we know who has read the book. It is fun to share and when the book make its why back to it owner there is a nice record of who has read it. It is also nice to be able to bless the older ladies who have a small income this way.

    I also like to donate books to our very small town library, Mrs. Lester, our librarian appreciates the donations very much, because mall budget is so tight.




  8. Diana Gardner8/22/2012 9:07 AM

    Our church has an adult education cabinet with materials for people to borrow. We also have a facebook group, Aldersgate Women's Bible study, with a list a materials available to borrow for not only our congregation but other churches as well. We only have non-fiction books/studies right now and would love to add christian fiction. It's a wonderful collection you're giving away and our church would be blessed to have them.

  9. In September, we celebrate one year of our Women's Book Group at our church. I started it with only an anticipation of 3 or 4 for other women, but I had 22 sign up! Over the year, we've read so many different kinds of books (all Christian Fiction)and I'm really proud of the ladies for breaking out of their favorite genres. Every month, we always bring appetizers and desserts, share our thoughts on the book and then do a take-away devotion on the main theme of the book. It's been a great ministry and something that I never thought would be so successful. Thanks for the chance to win the books to share with the group!

    Erin Shepherd

  10. About 7 years ago, my husband and I undertook a project to reorganize and refurbish our church library with new books in all categories. I had become disabled and was no longer able to serve in my church in other areas, so I was excited to be helping in this small way. I prayed that many would be encouraged by the renewed interest in our church library and the opportunity read new books. They were!

    My husband and I purchased many new books. And, we solicited the help of our Sunday school class to help catalog the books and get them in the computer and on the shelves.

    Then we had a series of contest and a library fellowship to promote the new content in the library. We had door prizes, refreshments and a new book for everyone who wanted to participate. What we discovered is that many women can read 3, 4 or 5 Christian fiction books in one week.

    Tamara, thank you for the opportunity to win your books. I know whomever wins will be blessed by the graciousness of your gift and by the content in these lovely books.


  11. Our book club, Sisters-in-Stories, began about six years ago when one of the women at church noticed that so many of us were exchanging books on Sundays and Wednesday at church (Bristol Rd Church of Christ in Flint, MI). She took it as a personal mission to get a book club started by inviting several of us that she knew who were dedicated Christian fiction readers to an organizational meeting. It took off from there and we have about 40 women involved with perhaps an average of 15 to 20 meeting at any given time.

  12. A few years ago a group of ladies organized a church library at First Church of the Nazarene. When I retired from teaching, I volunteered to be the librarian. We would love to have the addition of your books to our shelves. Thank you for your generosity.

  13. Our Book Club, The Wisdom Seekers, had a special guest at our last meeting on July 31st. Her name was Tamera. Tamera who? You get three guesses and the first two don't count. :) Tamera Alexander was our guest and what a fun discussion time we had about "The Inheritance". It felt like this great author was a regular attender at our meetings. Thank you again for doing this for book clubs across our country. We would love to add books to our church library at Sabraton Baptist in Morgantown, WV. Keep us in mind when selecting the winner.

  14. I am with Karen Kennanmer, involved in the Sisters-N-Stories book club at the Bristol Road Church of Christ. We love reading books by Christian authors and then discussing the books. It is a real opportunity to be close. I don't know when the group started - it was before I started coming to this church - but several years ago at least. We are located in Flint, Michigan. My favorite book has been a tie between "Heaven is for Real" - because I had lost a baby and it helped me with finding hope in my despair. The other book that tied was "The Shack" - I loved the alternative look at God and Heaven, I enjoyed thinking about the relationship with our Heavenly Father in a much different way than I had really thought. There are many people in our group - usually at least 15 or so come to each book club meeting, but there are many more women who are involved and simply can't come to all the meetings.
    We have enjoyed doing some SKYPE-ing with some authors - that has been very interesting! Thank you for considering Bristol Road and our Sisters-N-Stories book club!

  15. Wow! What a generous giveaway! There are some wonderful books in those photos. I belong to the Lindsborg Christian book club. I've gone for probably 5 years, I'm not sure how long they met before I became aware of the group. We meet monthly, sometimes in our church library or a coffee shop or we take turns hosting in our homes. We've also gone on several field trips to meet authors from Kansas and neighboring states and hosted several authors in Lindsborg. It is all great fun, a real highlight of my month. I'd love to win these books to share with the members of my book club and then with our church library. Thanks, Tammy!


  16. Thanks for your fun give away! I am a member of the Lindsborg Christian book club. It is so much fun to gather with women and talk, laugh, and cry about books! The discussion is never dull and the list of books to read is LONG!

    Thanks again for a generous opportunity to grow our church library with additional Tamera Alexander titles!

  17. I was just thinking last night I need to do the same thing!

  18. The young mothers at my church exchange books all the time. we would love to have these books to add to our collection. its nothing for someone to walk up and say, "my sister was visiting and seen your book. she borrowed it from me". i think right now i have books in indiana, texas, new york, and ohio. lol

    amanda williams

  19. LOVE hearing about your book clubs and libraries! How you started, how you share books back and forth across states! LOL! That's great! Appreciate you all...

  20. Our church library isn't very big so and a lot of the books are older so this would be a great prize for them. I go there when looking for a book the libraries don't have.

  21. Our church library is...well, "well read." The women of the church swarm the room weekly, devouring everything they get their hands on. THEN, they pass on the gifts. My guess is, they'd probably trade out some of their own for new feed. :) They know their authors by name, love them fully, support them all the time.
    Cindy Sproles

  22. Karen Sue Kimberly8/23/2012 12:58 PM

    I'm not in a book club and our church doesn't have a library. I do share my books though. I share with those who can't afford to buy for themselves. I enjoy helping others by sharing, because otherwise they wouldn't have anything to read.


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  24. I am our church librarian at Community Church Mountain City TN. We would love to be blessed with some good wholesome reading material! Thanks for the opportunity. God bless you and your writing ministry.

  25. Our church doesn't have a library but there are a group of women who share books with one another. I would like to get it more organized.
    lisa.blogs2 at gmail dot com

  26. My church is small its the Revival Center in Lepanto Arkansas, And our Pastor's wife wants to start a library; she has had a few books donated that are used. We can't afford new books, unless one of us just goes and buys some so your give away would be a real blessing to us. Thank you.

  27. I keep up our small library at church which started in 2009 with books being donated by church members. We originally had three book shelves that had three shelves each. Since that time we have basically filled up the area that I have available with an assortment of 12 bookcases, majority being 5 shelves. We also have a collection of DVDs, CDs, and a few books on CD.
    We operate on the honor system, if you take out, bring it back when finished. I know that some have not returned but it has been very few. These would be a great addition I know. Thanks for the giveaway!

  28. I would like to start a book library at my church but what I have been doing with my books is to donate them to the shelter of battered women. Since these shelters only get grants to keep running, books are a hard thing for them to get. Books that are donated are usually secular and very rare are there good Christian fiction for the women to read. I also donate to homeless shelters for the same reason. I don't know if I qualify at all to get these books but if I did, I would start a library at our church and then as those books are read by all, donate them to the shelters. Thank you. God bless you for what you are doing. Judi aka windycityangel@juno.com

  29. Our church library has grown some since the early 70's. We don't have much of a budget so I encourage people to donate books and then I watch for give aways or free books that I can put in the library. I also use point at our local christian store which helps to keep up with what is new out in the litary world . Thanks for doing this!!

  30. We started a library at our church a few years ago. Many of our books were donated to us by a very sweet lady in our church. She has since bought a Kindle and we no longer receive donations from her. So, the selection has become limited. It would be wonderful to receive a new stack of reading material! How thoughtful you are to do this sort of giveaway.

  31. Sara Criswell8/23/2012 6:08 PM

    Roseland Park Baptist Church in Picayune, Ms. would be so blessed to recieve your books. We have an active library committee that sponsers activities such as "Bridging the Gap". This is a fellowship to bring the youth and ladies of the church together. Thank you for your caring, giving spirit and may God bless you and the reciever of your books.

  32. My church has a small library of Christian fiction and some reference materials. Would love to add to it.
    O Norman

  33. I would love to join a book club. Does anyone know of one in the Kansas City MO area?

  34. Our church library would love to have your books to add to our collection.
    We are on the web so "check us out" when you get a chance.

  35. Cindy Geigert8/24/2012 8:34 AM

    I am the Librarian at Lakewood Baptist church in Lakewood, New York. I Have been the Librarian since 2009. We don't have a lot of money in our account to buy books. We have People in our church donating books so we do have a nice library for our church family to take them out. I would love to have some newer books to put into it.
    Thanks Tamera for sharing your books to some one group that that pick.
    I Just processed your first two books in the Fountain Creek Cronicles and would love to have the third book in that series called Remenbered.
    God's blessing upon you.

  36. We have a very small church and an even smaller church library! But we do love to read. I think winning this gift basket would double the size of our library! lol.

    tara.bentley at yahoooooo dot come

  37. My daughter re organized our church library as her gold award project. We are really in need of new books!

  38. I would love to win the basket full of books...even if it doesn't include the basket. Thank you.

  39. Tamera, I began a special Friends FB group about a year ago. 52 women are now members of "Special Friends who love the Lord". This was established for a caring/sharing special and private way to let those members pray for special needs and help one another in any way we can. Of course, I've mentioned your books, but this hasn't been a book "club" as such. However, I am all for getting one started here, and most of these women are avid readers, and some being school teachers as well. Any or all of these collections will be shared. What a generous gift! I can hardly wait until your latest comes out in October and Barnes & Noble notifies me that I now have it in my Nook to read!! I love you dearly and still believe you are the best of the best writers of Christian fiction!! Jan Roberts cdjr1molly@yahoo.com

  40. Would love to have a library in our church but we had a very bad flood last Sept and are now back up and running. We are a small church but are fighters so it was a no brainer to say we were coming back. Have a God blessed day and kudos to the winner. Bonnie Traher

  41. Our church library has very few fiction books. I've been digging through my stash getting ready to donate more. I'd love to be able to donate even more than I already have. Your books are incredible and I'd love to give our library the "boost" it needs to be able to get more people do start donating too!

  42. Our church lending library has books lined up in the church entries on a book ledge on the walls leading to the sanctuary doors at Westside Family Life Center, Willow Springs, Missouri ~ would love to gift these books!! Kathleen lanehillhouse[at]centurylink[dot]net My favorite fun book? Lynn Austin's Wonderland Creek. A fun lending library job she had!! Loved it!

  43. My "book club" is a family affair. My 5 daughters and my mom and I lend our books around to each other. Sometimes the mother in laws and sister in laws get included as well. We call each other when we get a book we are excited about and when we run out of things to read?! we call to get suggestions. Thanks for this generous offer and opportunity.

  44. I think I'm in time.....
    Our church library is great! It has quite the variety of nonfiction and fiction for young and old alike. I love it!
    As for book clubs, you could say that my family makes up one - I'm the oldest of 6 kids. We all love to read (most of us are never seen without a book) and love to share our great book finds. I'd have to say that one of my all-time favorite books is Lori Wick's book "Sean Donovan"....just something about the way that God changes hearts is amazing. Another one would be Lena Nelson Dooley's book "Mary's Blessing", since I can identify so well with Mary's need to provide and care for her siblings.

  45. We don't have a church library yet but I'd love to start one. My favorite read of all time would have to me Jane Eyre or anything Austen!

  46. What a delight to read all about your club and your libraries and how they all came to be! Such fun! I love your creativity and the closeness that your groups shared.

    We'll announce the winner in the morning on this blog so be sure and check back around 9AM CT. Bless you all for signing up! Can't wait to give these books a good home! Much love, friends, and I'm so glad we're on this journey together. Back tomorrow....

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  49. Our church library is very fun, the only downside is it doesn't carry fictional books like yours sadly so I end up buying them for me and my friends to read:D I love all these books and would love to share them with my friends.!


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